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First things first, Congratulations to the winner of the Scream for Me Eddie Giveaway, Dorian S, if you are reading this then check your email. We need your shipping address!

Second - We got Scream for Me Eddie [and Domino] back in the Souls. We will inform the community on any updates for this!

You lose it here, you're in a world of hurt.

We are speeding through the last few days of our Gauntlet run. Who is going to be the winner of a Shiny new Mercenary?

Here are the Top competitors right now. Think you have what it takes to take top spot?

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Eddie Tierlist

I did it. I made a tier list for in game Eddies. Here’s mine, but it’s more of a ‘coolness’ Tier list. Not an ass-kicking, name-taking tier list.

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Here is the Link to create your own! - https://tiermaker.com/create/legacy-...er-list-266478

Feel free to share yours in the comments!

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