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    Add Tali Slots (Colors) to the Compendium

    I was trying to piggy back on an older post, here, but a brief search didn't reveal one. And IMO it should have, because this is actually quite a frustrating issue.

    For instance: During the Christmas event I was chasing Ghost of Jacob Marley. I was looking for a party healer (via basics) who could equip Alchemy. I got Jacob, and overall I am satisfied with him... but it was quite disappointing to find out Jacob has two green slots and couldn't serve the purpose I had in mind for him.

    For instance: When I was starting out (-ish), I opened a Tali soul key and got a Warrior dungeon. I had exactly two 5* Warrior allies, so I freed up a Valor set and went to the Frontier store and got myself an emergency Beelzebub. To my dismay, he had three green slots, and I had no plan for him. So I had to waste more Key time figuring out what my team would look like (ironically, none of my 5* Warriors could equip the Valor).

    I did something similar with G. Lillith hoping for Yellow spots I didn't find.

    For instance: Ever since the release of Ragnarock, I've been thinking about equip possibilities and team set-ups using the set. I was intrigued to try it out with W. Minotaur. Then I finally pulled him. Excited, I pulled him up and discovered he has two Yellow slots and can't equip Ragnarock.

    Most of my team-making calculations are based first on equippable talis and second on character abilities. Having no information in the compendium about what talis characters I don't own might be able to equip means that (unless I know from experience, like i.e. the arena...) you can bet I'm not going to buy fragments or spend FCs on those characters. And I might be less inclined to spend resources and chase new characters...

    As well as adding tali slots (colors) to the compendium, I find it almost false advertising that you can't get any awakening information on characters unless you own them.

    i.e. The Beast would never have come close to breaking the arena (for a time) in his base, non-awakened form. Looking him up on the compendium, you would have no idea what all the fuss was about.

    When you further consider that i.e. The Beast (and all the LoLs, to name 5 more) are only attainable via Frontier coins, The Compendium should give players more information about what they're getting into before they lay down that investment. The max stats do not take awaking stats into consideration, and neither do the listed abilities... essentially shortchanging these characters and making them less desirable.

    I would think, if you [devs, game distributors, et. cetera] want us [the player base] to get excited and spend resources on (and on chasing) characters, you should use the compendium to show us how good these characters actually are.

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    I mentioned the same thing under point 5)
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