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but i can assure you i got 83,631 gold from daily keys i used i can even provide screen shots of some of the rewards which shows the 83k gold
You're right, the Reward Chest screen will show you 83k gold. It's unintuitive, but that screen combines the gold you get from the first Victory Reward screen which is ~8631 each run, with any gold that dropped from the chest. So that 83k is the 8631 + 75,000. It's a bit weird.

Similar thing happens with SoT drops, except it shows the combined total on the first Victory Reward screen, as well as in the Reward Chest screen. For example, if you see 26 SoT in a Daily Dungeon run, that's a combination of the 25 SoT the dropped from the chest plus the 1 SoT from the Victory screen. It's the trickiest part of trying to analyse dungeon drops, working out range of the regular SoT return (it's usually 0-4) and determining the drop size from the reward chest.