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Thread: Mercenary bugs

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    Mark of the Diablo doesn't preven revive anymore.
    I was fighting team team Lad(midgard)Magus Shinobi(Yggdarsil/Shinobi T3)Ancient Mariner(clover/serenity/sacred)Cosmic Lilith(sacred/serenity/Lilith T3)
    And all of the enemies were marked at some point and it didn't prevent anything.
    First screenshot:
    Name:  Legacy_Screenshot_2020.05.13_21.53.44.jpg
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    And after some turns I killed Shinobi:
    Name:  Legacy_Screenshot_2020.05.13_21.54.15.jpg
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    And soon Shinobi is back. This has happend several times against Mariner and Cosmic Lilith.
    Name:  Legacy_Screenshot_2020.05.13_21.54.39.jpg
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    Talking about mark of Diablo, it is only visible if graphics quality is set to high. I need to guess which character has it when my graphics quality is set to "low". I didn't even know that it was actually visible before looking at the forums.

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