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    Quote Originally Posted by Azagthor View Post
    Clan challenges require everyone to chip in, but some of these challenges are simply not possible for all players. This risks people feeling like they are letting their team down, and others feeling resentful they're missing out on rewards due to other people.
    This is so true.
    Events like these where there's a limited amount of space to complete the clan achievements (like the sentinel only gauntlet one) polarise the community.
    "Why didn't you run your gauntlet battles with sentinel teams?"
    "I worked hard for my rewards, but I didn't get them because of you."
    "You can't pull your weight."
    "We're gonna replace you."

    We'll end up with a handful of very strong clans. New players don't stand a chance to get a spot in the clans they read about on the forums.

    This will probably get drowned in all the other comments here, but please devs, I really hope you recognize this!

    I made a separate thread about this here:
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