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    Some feedback for the devs about clan challenges

    I think clan challenges are great. It incites a feeling of being part of a community. Up until now being in a clan didn't really meant much in terms of gameplay other than the daily check in for tribute and the rewards that came with it.
    Love it.

    There's a problem with some of the clan challenges though. Something that instigates the exact opposite of what clans are all about.
    Certain clan challenges of this event require an X amount of gauntlet runs with a sentinel only team.
    It's challenging if you're getting far, so that's great, but the problem with an achievement like this is that there's a limited amount of space to complete it.
    If someone didn't get the memo and started doing gauntlet battles with random teams, that player is actually hurting the chance of everyone in the clan to miss out on the rewards.
    Unlike clan challenges like Complete X arena wins with magus only teams (all must survive). If a newer player just doesn't have enough levelled up characters it doesn't matter, cause a more experienced player can pull the weight of one or more new players. And I think that is exactly how it should work. You work together as a community, where the stronger players help the weaker players to achieve a common goal.

    My clanmate Azagthor posted the following in a different thread:
    Quote Originally Posted by Azagthor View Post
    [JomsVikings] might be one of the few who manage to do them all. Hopefully the devs will share the numbers after the event ends!

    The bit you said about everyone being able to feel like they are contributing is key here. Clan challenges require everyone to chip in, but some of these challenges are simply not possible for all players. This risks people feeling like they are letting their team down, and others feeling resentful they're missing out on rewards due to other people. You wouldn't want it to be too easy, but if the challenged were designed around each clan having say 10-15 active a high-end players, that could provide enough flexibility to allow a wider range of clans to participate. Let the well-oiled clans tear through it in a couple of days, while the more casual clans still have a chance to complete it after a while.
    He's spot on.

    Challenges like these where there's a limited amount of space to complete them (like the sentinel only gauntlet one) polarise the community.

    • "Why didn't you run your gauntlet battles with sentinel teams?"
    • "I worked hard for my rewards, but I didn't get them because of you."
    • "You can't pull your weight."
    • "We're gonna replace you."

    We'll end up with a handful of very strong clans. New players don't stand a chance to get a spot in the clans they read about on the forums.

    Please devs, it would be great to see a change in future events where everyone can help each other for these clan challenges.
    Don't punish the group if a few don't play as much or don't have a huge roster of characters.

    Thank you for taking the time to read this.

    There's one thing I'd like to add to clear up any confusion about my meaning.
    I think a personal challenge like the one I referred to (sentinel gauntlet) is fine, but it doesn't fit as a clan challenge.
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