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    Help wanted: Need a clan member

    Due to some unforeseen issues, Jomsvikings needed to drop a sacred member of our clan.
    So we’re opening the floodgates for a new member to join and fill in this empty space.

    What you’ll get for joining Joms: you’ll be joining one of the best clans in Legacy of the Beast (as seen with our domination of the arena clan challenges and multiple Gauntlet/ Arena Winners), a guaranteed 40 Tribune and lots of loyal troopers.
    You can also join our clan discord chat where we usually

    Cons: I can see no cons for joining Joms

    Requirements: You NEED to be an active player (a lazy bone is worse than no bone) and (more of a recommendation) a strong roster of characters.

    If interested, PM our clan leader Amarthir (or any other member of Jomsvikings). (It would also be useful if you included your in-game name/number.)
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    We have completed all of the challenges already (we are about 350 "plays" short of the 3000 arena play goal, all others are complete) so applicants will not get the rewards from this event. Likely we will hold off inviting until the event ends so that applicants can finish the event with their existing clan. If you dont care about missing out on the event, we can consider that.
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    Hi, I'm interested
    aidinia-8135 if you want to check my team
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