Due to some unforeseen issues, Jomsvikings needed to drop a sacred member of our clan.
So we池e opening the floodgates for a new member to join and fill in this empty space.

What you値l get for joining Joms: you値l be joining one of the best clans in Legacy of the Beast (as seen with our domination of the arena clan challenges and multiple Gauntlet/ Arena Winners), a guaranteed 40 Tribune and lots of loyal troopers.
You can also join our clan discord chat where we usually

Cons: I can see no cons for joining Joms

Requirements: You NEED to be an active player (a lazy bone is worse than no bone) and (more of a recommendation) a strong roster of characters.

If interested, PM our clan leader Amarthir (or any other member of Jomsvikings). (It would also be useful if you included your in-game name/number.)