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This week we have a very special treat! Durandal has been crafting his playbook for Raid Boss - Odin. At the time of writing this, even I have not seen it.

Speaking of Odin, we have talked with a lot of you this week regarding some of the issues that you have come up against while battling in this new feature.

Here are the main player reported issues.

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1- Hang and Sands of Blood loss when trying to start a Battle

This is happening on the Raid Boss select screen. The hang occurs and forces the player to reboot the game. When the player returns, the team and Sands of Blood have been consumed.

2- Combat freezes during Odin Battle.

Occurring most often in battles that are longer and drawn out. Players will continue to fight Odin until neither team can take any more actions. Players can still manually exit the battle using the in-game options menu.

3-Delayed Rewards on the Players device.

Players have been reporting that they are not receiving their rewards for participating in Raid Boss. We have been able to confirm that the rewards are being deposited in the correct accounts, however they are not visible until a cache refresh has been completed.

For now, leave it to the team to research these issues and make the necessary changes. We do have an Official Forum Thread for reporting issues that will be linked later on in this post.

But now, the moment you have all been waiting for... The triumphant return of Durandal's...

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Weekend Warrior: Raid Boss Rumble

Odin It To Win It

Steel yourselves, Troopers, for an electrifyingly god shattering edition of Weekend Warrior. Since the launch of Raid Boss Beta, clans from around the globe have come knocking on Odin's door to prove their worth. After enduring bone chilling winds and a thunderous display of strength, the most tactical of clan members have been quick to devise key strategies to knock the All Father off his throne. If you find yourself struggling to put a dent in his armor, then take heed of these tips to help you avoid a royal pain in the rompedeler.

Bundle Up, It's Cold In There

Against Odin's myriad of offensive abilities, you will want to think carefully about balancing your team around specific needs. Whose job is it to reliably remove Odin's defensive effects? Who will keep your party safe from Odin's increasing damage? Who can quickly and efficiently clear negative effects? Damage is important, yes, but you'll be hard pressed to deal much at all if you allow your characters to fall victim to Odin's relentless Freeze, Stun and Passive Disable effects.

When it comes to healing, Heal Shield and Perfect Heal Shield are highly strategic against Odin. Even if they're removed, they'll still block damage and heal you before they're gone. The key is to make sure you can apply these effects every turn if possible. Sacred Talismans are helpful, but look for characters who can offer these effects with their basic attacks.

While Odin can shut down Singularity Talismans, there's always Necropolis and Metal Talismans as a means of dealing with Passive and Perfect Disable. However, since these options are limited, a stronger strategy would be to pick characters whose effectiveness relies more on basic attacks, power abilities and fury attacks than on passives.

As for his freeze and stun effects, things can get tricky. While some characters will passively protect you from these ailments, you may find more success in clearing these effects through the use of talismans (time to dust off those Snow Talismans). Grail, Fortune and any other set that helps you remove or transform negative effects, especially after taking damage or at the start of your turn, can keep your team primed to act.

Damage To The Max...HP

Since the application of negative effects is a non-factor against Odin, you'll want to focus on dealing as much damage as possible with every attack. Since Odin has a maximum threshold of damage received per hit, you'll want to look out for characters that hit a few checkboxes.

First, you'll want to find characters who can deal damage based on the target's MAX HP. Odin has a massive health pool befitting of a god of his stature and despite his rapidly scaling defenses, you'll always land massive damage if you can take advantage of his health values.

If you notice that your fellow clanmates have already taken a large chunk out of his health, the next thing you'll want to consider is damage based on MISSING HP. This works similarly to damage based on MAX HP, but relies on an already-injured target. Save these characters for when Odin has received some damage already.

Finally, keep a close eye on the number of individual hits your characters can deal. Since Odin will cap out how much damage you can deal per hit, you'll want to consider characters that can hit as many times as possible with each attack. Pairing these attacks with beneficial effects like Armor and Magic Penetration as well as effects that boost your ATK and MAGIC stats, you'll be shredding Odin down to size in no time.

It's Good To See You, Old Friend(s)

An element that makes Raid Boss so interesting is that you can get a surprising amount of value out of older and seemingly weaker characters that might have been collecting dust for a while. For example...http://www.news.maiden-lotb.com/n3/c...ling-assassin/

"Wait, Durandal, are you seriously about to suggest that a wimpy 2-star character is worth bringing into battle against a FREAKIN' GOD?!"

First of all, how dare you mock this brave little voidling. It's finally time for him to shine! Secondly, yes - sort of. Since you'll be focused on very specific character attributes, it becomes less necessary to bring in what would be traditionally the best and most complex characters. Odin cares not for your cascading negative effects! Sometimes, a simple character with the right set of abilities (in the case of this voidling, a basic attack that can repeatedly deal hits of damage based on MAX HP) can provide all the value you need. Let Raid Boss be your opportunity to bring new life to some old characters you may have long since forgotten about, especially considering that you'll want to keep your best for last as you work your way up the floors.

Baa Baa Banshee

Speaking of increased value from unsuspecting characters, many players have been quick to discover how valuable the 4-star Banshee characters have been, especially the Sentinel variant. These badass chicks have always packed a punch, but coupled with their new unique Cosmic Talisman featured in this month's Nameless Nights Mega Event, they'll bring the kind of heat you'll need to defrost Odin's ego.

For example, you can use Sentinel Banshee's basic attack, "Buzz Saw" to strip Odin of his most prominent defenses before dealing damage based on his MAX HP. You'll leave him running, man. Equipped with her signature talisman, she'll protect your team from stun effects and grant them Perfect Heal Shield every turn! The best part is, if Odin manages to finally take her down, she'll revive with even stronger effects. Definitely a must have for any god killer!

It's Team Effort, After All

At the heart of it all, this is a challenge that will put your entire clan to the test. Don't be shy to coordinate with your fellow clan mates when you see that Odin, at any difficulty, is sitting at a low amount of health. Make an effort to tell your teammates when you'll be attacking Odin to keep everyone informed. It will be good to know who is already finishing off a weakened Odin so that the next person can work on preparing for a fresh battle.

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Raid Boss Beta Official Feedback Thread

With any luck, these tips will help to give you an edge against this first mighty foe. The team here at Navigator Games wants to make tackling these bosses exciting and memorable for all who choose to step up to the challenge and we want to give you all an opportunity to contribute along the way.

Over the course of the coming months, we'll be actively investigating and discussing any feedback that is shared across our various channels of communication. We'll be looking at everything from bug reports to general feedback about the feature. While we're already working on a number of sweet new improvements, don't be shy to share what you think would make it more fun for you and your fellow troopers.

As a way to streamline how and where we can find your feedback, please consider posting in our official thread for Raid Boss feedback. If you have bugs to report, try to include as many details as possible to help us reproduce your experience. If it's general feedback, all is welcome. You can find the thread here: https://forum.ironmaidenlegacy.com/showthread.php?13228-Raid-Boss-Update-Discussion

That's all from me this time around. May your battles be thunderous and your victories be glorious - good luck out there, Troopers! Durandal out.