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    Quote Originally Posted by Azagthor View Post
    The Event store is currently offering a 5x "Towerfall Fragment Pack" for 100 Ironite, but it doesn't say how many fragments it contains?

    100 frags per purchase..... I was curious....

    500 ironite will get 1 Towefall soul.


    I dislike talisman challenges because you can't tell where the fuck your talismans are without tapping on each and every character. (which, like many things, will eventually crash this unstable poorly coded app) For christ's sake devs, implement some search feature or show the talismans on the character info screen already. It's been YEARS since this was initially requested. It's not any better now than back then.. in fact its horribly worse now.


    And gauntlet SSS is no joke.
    First Battle... Max Cyborg, Moonchild, S Banshee with Frontier and her cosmic (can't remember 4th enemy)....
    second battle.... Max Cyborg, Max Moonchild, Max Lucifer, Max Dark Lilith..

    again, Gauntlet should be limited to 1 use of each character, same as players are.

    You'e going to hit several Banshees with her cosmic and the Mercenary a couple times.... but I haven't seen LAD Ed, Thor, Gunnr Maiden, or Slaughtered Daughter yet.
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    All there is in this app is to spend money or collect yet more frags... entirely pointless and unfulfilling..

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    As far as the challenges, gauntlet levels F and E are no class restrictions, D and E are warrior/assassin only, B and A have no restrictions, AA is warrior/assassin only and AAA is warrior only. May be a good idea to finish up the magus early for the event. I'm surprised no grimoire frags in the rewards.
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    Can we get a list for Towerfall Cosmics like we do for evolution Talismans?
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