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Thread: Soulreaper Clan

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    Quote Originally Posted by RPaige71 View Post
    id think one who reaps multiple souls would be a soulsreaper (actually souls-reaper) while multiple who reap souls would be soulreapers, but thats just me.

    I believe the plural of the word soulreaper is soulreapers.
    I do not think soulsreaper is an actual word, although I understand what you mean by it. If it is a real word itís a new word to me and it doesnít sound right to me.

    Imagine you find your soulmate (or so you think) but it doesnít work out. This happens multiple times throughout your life until one day you fine your actual soul mate and you live happily ever after.
    Could you refer to these people from your past as so-called soulsmate? Or would so-called soulmates be more accurate?

    Yes I know all of this is trivial but Iím bored.

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    You only have one soul mate.

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