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    Some Crazy Numbers!

    Hey all..long time lurker,1st time poster.Was playing in the arena when i noticed some outrageous damage totals along with healing amounts for my team while taking damage and giving it.I've been playing for a few months and never seen damage or healing outputs like this before.Take a looksie Name:  2020-03-20-07-35-55.jpg
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Size:  527.0 KB Name:  2020-03-20-07-35-39.jpg
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    Name:  2020-03-20-07-30-18.jpg
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Size:  631.1 KB Name:  2020-03-20-07-32-39.jpg
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Size:  627.2 KB Are these damage amounts a glitch in the arena?I havent seen them this high until a few days ago and doesnt happen every fight
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