... But not really.

Hello! You can call me Mebsuta, if you're on the subreddit you may have seen me posting but under a different username. I fist started playing LoTB in mid 2017, and I stopped playing probably half a year later. So it's been at least 2 years since I stopped playing. I think I remember that we didn't have a fancy PvP menu back then, we were barely starting to see the implementation of soul shards, mission challenges and achievements, we also were just starting to tease brave new world, and story events weren't this cinematic...

It's been pretty nice catching up on things these past few months. There's much I still don't understand, namely most new talismans, which there are insanely many of...

I have two accounts. The other one is Pollux. Admittedly, I may create a third one day, to get a feel for the current progression system from the ground up. Nonetheless, I've gone from level 35 to 60 on my Mebsuta account, and I have some fancy modern characters, but nothing top tier.

Looking forward to annoying the hell out of every single one of you with potato questions... Which I shall start doing... Right about... Now!

Given my low level, which are the talisman sets that I should strive to farm (of those that are attainable to me, which are clan store, pvp store, trooper store, frontier store, low level BNW dungeons and story campaign minus night city)? I'm especially interested in what would work with Executioner Eddie and Iron Eddie, my two most modern Eddies; Pharaoh Eddie and Grim Reaper Eddie, the freebies; and Speed of Light Eddie and Fear of the Dark Eddie, my old reliables. I'm not going to ask too much directions on my allies because I don't think I have any ally that's worth mentioning (for now at least. Most are natural 4 stars, most are old).

See you around!