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    Let us buy Cosmic Evo Runes

    I don't got the time to farm 24/7 for all these damn materials. Pls let us buy them with gold (I got tons of it) or let us trade them against useless material.

    You want me to play 24/7 your events to get new toons, but at the same time we need to farm 24/7 to upgrade all the tons and new talismans.

    That's noob!
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    Downside of being able to buy cosmic material is teams will get heavily stacked with T3 talismans making hard teams and long drawn out battles more difficult. The limited supply of top tier cosmic talismans is what keeps variety in team compilations... Being able to buy talismans in general could use an update in the various shops, as a lot of the current sets available are outdated compared to current 5-6 sets available...

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