Many people are having the problem of getting stuck on Odin.

From a seemingly random point onward, the fight just won't start. It will get stuck, with the only option to forcibly close the game, and the SoB and characters will be spent.

From my experience, this stuck state will continue until Tuesday refresh.

At first, I only thought this happened when an Odin fight took too long and timed out. But I have seen it also happen without a timeout.

I now have a new theory: Odin gets stuck if you use one character too much.

From the last sacrifice event, I have kept a lot of Alchemists, because their power does damage according to the max HP. Maybe always having an Alchemist on the team for Tuesday and Wednesday made my account stuck last Thursday.

The same happened on my wife's account. She doesn't have many good characters, and after going through the best she had, she would supplement her teams with 1* Gold idols, because their power can give some extra power for the good characters to hit.

Also, its free to create new 1* Gold idols: just claim one Grimoire soul, redeem it, use the gold idol on Odin, sell the gold idol, rinse and repeat.

The same happened on her account, as far as I can tell just from using gold idols.

I hope this observation helps to troubleshoot the Odin crashed.