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Thread: August Events

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    August Events

    Well, after an anniversary month full of ups and downs, we reach August.

    To begin, even though the event list doesn't mention it, I feel Avalon part 3 is this month. I have no evidence, I just have a gut feeling.

    Now, to the event list.

    Perpetual Puzzle: Labyrinth got a hard mode added in this previous patch, so this event will center around that.
    Prophecy Revealed: We might get another Avalon mystic here, or some other clairvoyant character/talisman set. Either way, should be good.
    Stunning Slaughter: Based off our previous Skull and Sword frag event, this event is likely going to feature two past characters from frag events. I think this will feature the Slaughtered Daughter, but I'm not sure who the other may be.
    Galactic Perspective: Since Brave New World got updated, I could see this being some more Brave New World characters being released in a dungeon.
    Summer Special Tour: Usual in-between seasons Gauntlet event.
    Garden of Humanity: Brave New World getting split into several different worlds makes me wonder what we could get from it now. Either way, this should be a much easier grinding event because of the fact that we are able to grind floor X without talisman drops.
    Unified Incursion: Not really certain who or what this could be. Either way, looks to be interesting.
    Machine Messiah: My guess is that with Senjutsu being released very close to the end of August, this could be the blue guy from the Writing on the Wall video. I could be very wrong, but that's my hunch.

    Finally, the month long event is titled Different World. This makes me think either we are getting the Dragon King from Brave New World playable, or they got really lazy titling the event and it's just the Eddie from the Different World music video. Either way, it'll certainly be interesting to see what happens.

    What do you all think?

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    GrimDusk is onto something. I think a Different World Eddie will be month long currency character. The Different World video also contains a female mystic sorceress type character which goes with his Prophecy Revealed guess. I don’t think characters related to new album will come until album officially released.

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