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    Bug on Gauntlet... one more time...

    I'm seriously starting to be tired of putting money in a game that's filled with bugs, and whose bugs will potentially burn my score on this week of "gauntlet"

    I have loose a team without playing this stage...
    i play in S, the last fight of S.
    my team win this fight, and... Error

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    Name:  Screenshot_20200410-182137_Legacy.jpg
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    Name:  Screenshot_20200410-182143_Legacy.jpg
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    Name:  Screenshot_20200410-182147_Legacy.jpg
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    and : the fight is cancelled, i need to retry it BUT my team is not banned .
    Name:  Screenshot_20200410-182201_Legacy.jpg
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    i win this same fight

    and... when i try the 1st fight to SS :
    Name:  Screenshot_20200410-182439_Legacy.jpg
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    my team is banned in SS.... and i HAVEN'T Played in SS...

    I am boring to see that... not the 1st time we have pb in gauntlet with disconnect and banned team ! go repair this!
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