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    Please help me choose my next Frontier Coin purchase!

    Hey guys and gals,

    I just saved up another 5200 frontier coins (finally!) and now need help deciding which character (or characters) I should purchase next. Please leave me your thoughts and ideas, because I am TORN!

    Here are the characters that I do not yet have: (if they aren't in this list, it's because I already have them)

    • Bounty Hunter Eddie
    • Aces Bomber Eddie
    • Number of the Beast Eddie
    • Corrupt Feldmarschall
    • Ferryman
    • Beast - awakenable
    • Daedalus - awakenable
    • Lord of Light (Magus) - awakenable
    • Lord of Light (Gunner) - awakenable
    • Goddess Sekhmet
    • Goddess Aset
    • Osiris
    • Set

    Thank you so much for your feedback. I really appreciate your all's expertise!


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    Well it depends on your play style and which area of the game you focus on. My personal opinion, I would get them in this order:
    LoL Magus
    LoL Gunner
    Aces Bomber Eddie
    Corrupt Feldmarschall (I wouldn't waste FC on him)
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    The bounty hunter ed is good if you have the cosmic cyborg talisman).otherwise you are ok just maxing the regular cyborg.
    Else, go with NOTB, a high damage eddie and a few nice abilities.
    Second, sekmet-she is good on some Odin fighting teams.
    Third you might pick the beast since he removes buffs and is awakenable.
    4th consider the lord's of light when ready to start farming awakening materials and lillith and luc.

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    If you are looking to get more value, it would probably be better to hold off on Bounty Hunter Eddie. Tempting? Hell yes. Worth the cost? I can't say...

    I would aim for one of the 3500's.
    The Beast is good because you can use him to run the Infernal Dungeon to earn Magma Beast Eddie - so kind of a 2-for-1.
    If Eddies are your thing, then NOTB Eddie or Aces Bomber Eddie are both pretty solid.

    With the leftover coins, you could grab one of the Gods of Powerslave. I would say Sehkmet or Osiris.

    The Ferryman and Daedalus are good, but you could probably live without them for a bit longer.
    The Corrupt Feldmarschall would be lowest priority, as are the Lords of Light (unless you just want all the flavors).
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    I'd wait.. Odins will probably be coming to the FC store.
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    If you don't have Dark Lilith yet, I would pick 2 x remaining Lords to finish getting her via achievements first.
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    Quote Originally Posted by osiris0000 View Post
    If you don't have Dark Lilith yet, I would pick 2 x remaining Lords to finish getting her via achievements first.

    Only then BHE if you got his talisman or NotBE, and probably then depends on you if you like farming, raiding or pvp, but bleh no worries about them...
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    It also may depend on where you are at the with main storyline and achievements. First I bought characters to help me though the storyline. After that I only bought was I needed for achievements with good rewards. So what was said above, get the LOL's.
    I had to buy all of my LOL's because I somehow missed the deadline to turn in frags back in the LOL event.
    Once you start grinding some of the frontier dungeons FC's are much easier to come by. I think I only have 1 left to buy at this point, and she's not needed for any achievements. The fast little chick with the rapier, whatever her name is...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Yup View Post
    I'd wait.. Odins will probably be coming to the FC store.
    I wish they were Yup. Here's a quote from the Forge Mega Event announcement:

    "Once the mega event is over, the Odins will only be earnable as long-term Raid Boss feature rewards."
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    Thank you all so much for sharing your input and opinions with me. I love the fact that you all have such different ideas (although, it does make deciding a little bit harder). I never thought about "how" I play the game before, or how that could affect what characters I should acquire. So, that was eye opening, as well.

    I definitely see some themes across your guys's responses:
    - Sekhmet is much better than I expected
    - Lord of Lights are worth collecting all the flavors
    - The Beast is still useful even though he is old
    - Corrupt Feldmarschall is useless
    - Number of the Beast Eddie seems to be pretty popular

    Regarding Cosmic Cyborg Talisman...I have a T1 only. Is this still good for Bounty Hunter Eddie? Or should I pass on that for now to focus on other characters?

    I COULD wait for Odins to hit the Frontier Coins thing...but I could also live my entire life waiting for the "next" drop. I just earned enough to buy something, I wanna buy something!

    Regarding how I play the game affecting who I should get... this is what I usually focus on guys:
    - I just try to do all of the challenges for every event
    - I go as far as I can in the Gauntlet every two weeks
    - I play as many times as I can in the Clan raid
    - I play a few Arena battles each week, but usually can't hang with the other guys in my groupings who have all Red everything
    - If the event challenges don't require a dungeon or a specific cosmos or time rift land, I use my keys to battle (farm?) in frontier dungeons

    That's really it. Does that help anyone hone in on who is best suited for me? Or did you all need a different type of information?

    Thank you again. Seriously!

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