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    The T1 cyborg cosmic still does everything the T3 does, only difference is the boost in stats and the damage reduction.

    Also Odin’s probably not gonna be in the FC store
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    Quote Originally Posted by DJSribble View Post
    Regarding how I play the game affecting who I should get... this is what I usually focus on guys:
    - I just try to do all of the challenges for every event
    - I go as far as I can in the Gauntlet every two weeks
    - I play as many times as I can in the Clan raid
    - I play a few Arena battles each week, but usually can't hang with the other guys in my groupings who have all Red everything
    - If the event challenges don't require a dungeon or a specific cosmos or time rift land, I use my keys to battle (farm?) in frontier dungeons

    That's really it. Does that help anyone hone in on who is best suited for me? Or did you all need a different type of information?

    Thank you again. Seriously!
    Since you don't focus on Arena, I would say maybe hold off on BHE.

    Possible future releases to the frontier shop:
    Odins most probably won't be released to the Frontier shop, but Cosmic Lilith might so that's another factor

    Clan Raids:
    If clan raids is your top priority, get Sekhmet.

    • Set was useful for Assasin only dungeon (as he's the only Assasin blocker) if you have labirynth talisman. But if you have yggdrasil (and an assasin toon with green talisman such as Shinobi), don't worry about getting him
    • NotB, Beast are solid choices here
    • Ferryman is a solid choice too (and he can be very useful if there is an "apply Doom effect" event)
    • Cyborg is better than BHE for autoplay

    As others said, if you don't have Dark Lilith, get the 2 LoLs

    For the gatekeepers (the 2 or 4 tough teams at the start SS and SSS) none of the toons in this list made a big difference for me but BHE or LoL Magus are solid choices for Gauntlet

    I'm afraid this post won't actually make the decision easier but I hope it helped you..
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    I have the T1 Cyborg cosmic and its fine in dungeons, etc. with Max awakened Cyborg.
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    Not much more to add, solid info already. BHE is a nice choice but almost every new char and talis are giving you immunity against his stronger ability (innate stunt) so today NotB goes a little before than BHE IMO.

    Anyway, you are more focused on grinding so maybe Dark Lilith should be a priority. It takes a long run and a lot of resources but at least awakening the lols are always part of achievements and maybe help you with some events (like the one running right now) so Magus Lol then Gunner Lol... and they are not so expensive.
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