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To arms, Troopers!

This is an official thread documenting the most frequently reported player issues in recent days. Here you will find clarifications on specific issues and steps you can take to either reduce, solve, or stay informed regarding particular issues. Some of what is listed below are known bugs that are in the process of being investigated and/or fixed as soon as possible while others are points of important information that will help you understand why certain circumstances can happen during gameplay.

The goal of this thread is to create an efficient means of tackling the requests we receive for support and guidance. If you submit a support ticket with either a resolution or acknowledgement found in this thread, you will be redirected here and your ticket will be closed if no further intervention is necessary. This will help us focus our attention towards issues that can ONLY be fixed with the intervention of our support team (failed purchases, lost account information, incorrect or missing rewards, etc).

To share feedback, report new issues and engage in discussion, please visit Frequently Reported Issues - Reporting & Discussion.

Important Information & Best Practices

Support Ticket Etiquette

There are a few things you can do to help get your tickets found and solved faster. Customizing the title of your email to include key terms related to your issue will help prevent it from getting lost among other emails with automated titles. The same can be said for the ticket contents - try to include keywords and specific details that are directly related to your issue. Include your username, player ID and any screenshots that can help us immediately understand or even solve your issue.

As an important reminder, we will also be taking a firm zero-tolerance approach to players who write in using excessively hostile, vulgar, and threatening language. We will also be expanding this approach to players who choose to flood our support line with spam emails or an excessive number of emails regarding the same issue without new or helpful information. Approaching us this way only serves to hinder our ability to efficiently help you and everyone else. For example, 10 players that submit a combined total 50 emails within the span of a few hours can greatly impact our ability to process and support each individual player.

Slow Server Response Times

In most circumstances, it is not necessary to submit player support tickets for sluggish server activity as this is something we monitor very actively. In tandem with all our other internal projects, we are always working towards more efficient server optimizations to better handle our growing player base. Your patience and support along the way has and will continue to be most appreciated.

Note that any extraneous circumstances outside of normal server behavior, such as those requiring unscheduled and extended server maintenance, will be properly communicated through our social channels and on the forum.

Character & Talisman Bug Reporting

If you discover that a character or talisman is not working correctly, you are welcome to submit a report ticket that describes the issue in detail. Please explain why the character, talisman or effect is not working with supporting evidence to help us investigate. We will not be able to investigate claims such as “Fix this character!” without further explanation. If we can successfully determine that there is a verifiable bug, we will log it for repair and close the ticket as no further intervention from support is required. We also encourage players to utilize the bug reporting section of the forum to collaborate with other players about their findings as you may experience faster feedback this way. It also helps when we can see many players discussing these bugs together in one place.

Dungeon Difficulty & Drop Rate Feedback

This type of feedback is important since it helps to guide the direction of new content, so you are welcome to share such thoughts through any platform, be it through support tickets, forum posts, and so on. Many of our game features, event structures, and tuning updates over the years have been flexed and innovated upon in ways to accommodate trending comments shared by all our players. Please keep in mind that while the support team is happy to collect feedback about any part of the game, we are still only messengers on your behalf. Additionally, know that it is not necessary to submit multiple support tickets with the same feedback as we do keep an official log of the feedback we find. After collecting your feedback, your ticket will be closed so please continue discussion on the forum if you wish to get others on board with your ideas.

Data Caching Issues

If your connection to the game is not stable, you can experience situations where the data saved on your device can become delayed in contrast to the save data that is immediately updated and secured in the server. This is what is known as a “data caching issue”, meaning that your device is still in need of updated information from the server. This will typically resolve itself over time as you play and as you fully close and reopen the application. However, Android users can also visit their device’s app settings where there is an option to clear your cache files. Doing so, followed by reloading the game, will often accelerate your ability to receive the most up-to-date information on your device.

Payment Issues

If you are experiencing any trouble with your in-game purchases, please submit a support ticket with your username, player ID and detailed information about your order. Please include a description of the pack you had attempted to purchase alongside any other supporting information such as your receipt and order number from Google or Apple. For failed purchase attempts, please check your email inbox and your device account’s order history for evidence of any potentially successful transactions before attempting to initiate the purchase again.

Frequently Reported Issues

Raid Boss

"As I’m fighting Odin, the battle continues to slow down until it freezes and I’m forced to exit the battle through the options menu." - If your battle begins to stall until it hangs, do not force close the application unless you have no other option. If possible, try ending the battle through the in-game options menu so that your progress and rewards will save. We have made progress towards eliminating this issue, but if you come across specific characters and talismans that are causing trouble, please let us know.

“I’m not getting anything for fighting Odin! When the battle ends, all I see is a spinning skull and I’m forced to restart the game.” - As long as you retain your connection with the server throughout your Raid Boss battle, you will receive rewards and progress for your actions. However, there is a known issue where the display of your rewards can fail to appear, thus making them difficult to track. This can occasionally occur in tandem with the previously mentioned data caching issue. We are currently investigating this.

“I’m not getting my weekly Raid Boss rewards!” - Similar to what is noted above, players have been receiving their weekly rewards correctly, but data caching issues can sometimes prevent them from seeing this information on their devices right away. An important note to consider is that unlike Arena, Gauntlet, and Calendar rewards that deposit as you log in (regardless of whether or not you see the pop-up or any confirmation buttons), you must visit your Clan Hub to trigger the weekly Raid Boss rewards.

“When I pay for a match to battle Odin, my game freezes. When I restart the game, I find out that my Sands of Blood and characters have been used up even though I didn’t fight him!” - This is currently one of our highest priority issues to resolve at the moment as it prevents some players from fully participating in the feature. We’ve been getting mixed feedback from players who state that the issue comes and goes without much of a pattern. Others say it occurs after using multiple copies of a character and once the problem begins, it lasts until the weekly reset. If you have recently experienced this and can remember the sequence of steps taken before the issue started, please share your notes in the discussion thread.


“I haven’t been getting my daily clan check-in bonuses even though players in my clan have been checking in every day!” - As long as you’re diligent about checking in to your clan every day, you won’t miss out on any bonus rewards. If the pop-up display for these bonuses do not appear and your Blood Tribute total doesn’t seem to update right away it means that your device has yet to catch up with the transaction that took place in the server. Continue to play across any area of the game that requires communication with the server and you will eventually see your information update correctly. Fully closing and restarting the game and/or clearing your cache files if available can always help to speed this process up.

“When I open a Tribute Soul, all I get is a Sacrificial Heart and nothing else!” - After opening a Tribute Soul, be sure to scroll through your rewards in the pop-up window that appears. In addition to the heart, you can receive a variety of valuable fragments, currencies and even talisman sets if you’re lucky. Some players have reported that these rewards can sometimes fail to show up in the pop-up window which is an issue we are investigating. Do note that whichever rewards you do receive will correctly be added to your account so long as that the soul was successfully opened.

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“I couldn’t set another clan member as Clan Leader and when I tried leaving the clan, a random clan member became the leader instead of the Senior Officer!” - There is a known issue where Clan Leaders are having trouble transferring their role over to another player. We’re in the process of correcting this for a near-future update.

“Help - our Clan Leader has stopped playing, but everyone else in the clan is an active member. How can we take over the clan?” - If possible, see if anyone in the clan is able to reach out to the leader outside of the game. Find out if they are able and willing to briefly return in order to leave the clan. If not, your only alternative will be to start a new clan if desired. Take note of your fellow clan members and communicate who will be leader and what the clan name will be so that it can be found quickly. Since Clan Leaders must invest a hefty amount of gold to start a clan, we do not wish to intervene in case they decide to return. However, we can explore alternatives to this in the future if this becomes a significant issue.

“There’s a little red notification on the clans icon that won’t go away!” - This issue was introduced with the release of Raid Boss and will be corrected in a future update to prevent any further confusion.

Arena & Gauntlet

“I didn’t get any Arena and Gauntlet rewards!” - As long as you log in to play between weekly and bi-weekly resets, your account will receive rewards for your PVP efforts. If the display for your rewards fails to appear and certain rewards appear to be missing (such as character fragments and talismans from Gauntlet), you will eventually see them appear on your device within a day or two of active play. Android users can also clear their cache files to help speed up this process.

“I got the wrong Gauntlet rewards! The character fragments and talismans are wrong!” - Specific to Gauntlet, if you notice that you have received character fragments and talismans that do not match up with what was advertised for that two week period, please submit a ticket so that we can correct this for you as soon as possible.

“I had ____ points in Arena and I reached Grade ____ in Gauntlet, why didn’t I get the higher reward?” - While Arena points and Gauntlet grades make a big difference in the types of rewards you can earn, higher tiered rewards also factor in your personal ranking among others. In Arena, this means keeping your points above those around you. In Gauntlet, this means achieving high grades with as few losses as possible. Things can change dynamically up until the very last minute so keep an eye on the competition if you’re looking to secure your rewards.

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“My game froze up during a Gauntlet match and I was forced to restart my game. Even though I was clearly about to win, my stats show that I lost. My characters and Sands of War are gone too!” - We understand that moments like this can be frustrating, especially in Gauntlet. While we are looking to explore ways of making Gauntlet more flexible in these situations, please ensure that you play while using as strong of a connection as possible.

“Why did I suddenly lose so many points in Arena?” - In order to keep competition fresh each week, all competing players in Arena will have their point values reset based on their previous point total and hidden matchmaking stats. As long as you maintain high points values and competitive win ratios on attack and defense, you should be able to be within range of achievement high tier rewards again so long as you continue to perform well.

“Why are all my battles rigged against me!? The enemy AI has an unfair advantage!” - While it would be supremely impressive to see a Skynet-level system in place to thwart any who choose to combat it, the enemy AI is actually much more rudimentary. There’s some direction to target Eddie more frequently than his allies, but in terms of coin flips and the percentage chance for abilities to trigger, it’s entirely on par with what players are capable of. With systems based on pure luck, it’s entirely possible to go on streaks of good OR bad luck. Try to remember that it’s a very human habit to remember frustrations over quick victories and you’ll likely start to notice more often when you have the upper hand.

“I’m losing extra Ironite when I refresh my attack list in Arena!” - While guards have been put in place to help remedy this issue overall, it is possible for additional refreshes to occur during moments of excessive server traffic. If your attempt to refresh your attack list results in a connection error pop-up, do NOT press “OK” or exit out of the pop-up as this will result in the game attempting to purchase and process another refresh. Instead, please force close and restart the game if a connection error appears. You will return to see that your refresh has been successful. We will work to correct this as soon as possible.

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“Gauntlet is unfair! I can never get far at all before losing all my best characters!” - Being able to get farther and farther into Gauntlet is a true indicator of a player’s journey of progression, both in their combat knowledge and in their collection of resources. Whenever you decide to sacrifice characters that don’t seem valuable at a glance, consider if they could provide you value in Gauntlet down the road. It’s a slow journey, but one with consistently valuable rewards once you can make it to the top.

“I think this person is hacking!” - Due to the asynchronous nature of how PVP battles function, it’s nearly impossible for someone to take over and ruin your experience. While genuine cases for this are especially rare, if you are concerned about a particular player, please submit a ticket with their username and specific details about what makes their activity suspicious, including video/photo evidence if possible. Please keep in mind that some suspicious interactions may actually be the result of either bugs or misunderstandings about specific ability interactions.

Inventory Management

“My new talismans are appearing on random characters!” - If you ever receive talismans as rewards from events or from other areas of the game and have trouble finding them, check through your characters just in case as they may have been automatically equipped to an open slot somewhere. This issue is in the process of investigation and we will try to correct this as soon as we can.

“I just finished evolving and setting up all my characters and talismans - then my game crashed! I was forced to restart and now everything is back to the way it was before! Please return all the items I used!” - Be mindful when spending long periods of time in the “My Team” menu. If the app closes for any reason before a server call is made, all your inventory changes will revert back to how they were beforehand. Aside from time, nothing is truly lost in this process. A safe precaution when making a lot of inventory changes is to occasionally back out of the My Team screen to do any activity that triggers communication with the server (summoning a soul, activating Satellite 15, visiting Clans, modifying your Arena defense team, participating in a battle, and so on).

“An important talisman is missing! I swear I had it when I last checked!” - At this time, there is no way to lock talismans in a traditional sense (you can theoretically use characters as storage for them). Whenever you decide to sell talismans, be very careful before finalizing the sale as it can be quite easy to accidentally overlook an important talisman that had been mistakenly selected. Otherwise, missing talismans are often reported as being found hiding on forgotten characters.


“My game crashed in the middle of a vortex. When I restarted the game, I got my normal rewards but none of the bonuses for my vortex!” - When the game closes for any reason during a sacrifice, you are meant to see the results of your rewards when you next load into the game. However, there is a known issue where vortex rewards are failing to be included in the same pop-up window. Fear not though, as vortex rewards will always be deposited correctly as long as the sacrifice triggered successfully (meaning your sacrificed characters did not appear again after reloading the game).

“I accidentally sacrificed an important character!” - We absolutely understand the frustration that comes with this, but since sacrifices are tied to random loot that in turn can be used for more random loot, we are strictly unable to reverse them. Please take special care to lock any characters of even minor importance to you and take your time whenever sacrificing or selling anything in the game.

“I accidentally sacrificed a character who can’t be collected ever again!” - There are very few characters in the game that are exceedingly limited in that they can only be obtained once per account. Later in development, most of these characters have been automatically locked to prevent accidental sacrifices. To help those who have sacrificed rare characters like this in the past (such as Eddies obtained throughout the story), we have included inexpensive character fragment packs for them in the Trooper Store. For characters such as Grim Reaper Eddie, Killers Eddie, Crimson Pharaoh Dog, or Golden Pharaoh Dog, please submit a ticket and we will assist as soon as we are able to.

Events & Challenges

“I see a red notification on my challenges icon, but when I look through the menu, there’s no rewards to claim.” - There is a known issue where some achievements are being marked as complete even though they have not been unlocked yet. As you clear your various achievements (specifically challenges that are a part of a chain), you will eventually come across the completed challenge where you can then claim its reward. We hope to correct this in such a way where you are only getting progress for active challenges.

“Missions that require me to remove beneficial effects and equip certain talismans in specific dungeons are not working!” - The team is aware of a specific cluster of missions that are failing to track properly. We hope to fix these whenever possible so that players can finally keep their mission progress clean and clear and under control.

“Some of my achievements and event challenges aren’t always tracking properly!” - If you notice that any of your challenges are not correctly recognizing your actions, please submit a ticket with your username and information about the specific challenge you need help with. Screenshots of your challenge progress and of you successfully following the rules of the challenge will also speed up our ability to assist you.

“I finished the challenge but I didn’t get any rewards!” - This is most often the result of a data caching issue between your device and the server. Continued play across various areas of the game will often help to catch you up to the correct data. Since some event challenges issue their rewards to you automatically, there are times where some players mistakenly glance over their event earnings in the bulk of other rewards (such as event challenge rewards for sacrifices). If an approximate day or so of active play has passed and you still don’t see specific rewards (such as talismans), please submit a ticket stating the particular challenge rewards that are missing and we will investigate further.

In App Purchases

“I purchased a character from the Frontier Store and I can’t find the soul in my Book of Souls!” - Some characters that are purchased in the Frontier Store are deposited directly into your inventory. If you don’t see a soul for them, it’s likely that they’re already waiting for you in the “My Team” menu. If you can’t find them in either location, fully close and restart the game to help catch your device up with the server. As long as the transaction was successful, you’ll see your new character after a few minutes of play.

“I tried purchasing a pack with in-game currency and it failed - even though my game shows that I have enough to buy it!” - When playing with an unstable connection, the inventory totals we see on our devices can experience delays. For example, if I have 100 Ironite and spend 50 of it while my device is delayed behind the server, there’s a chance that it will still say that I have 100 Ironite left to spend. When I later try to buy something that costs 100 Ironite, the attempt will fail since the truth is that I only have 50 Ironite left in my inventory. If you ever notice that your inventory numbers do not update right away, they will correct themselves over time as you play or after fully closing and restarting the game. Android users can also clear their cache data in their device’s app settings to speed this process up.

“I successfully purchased a pack with in-game currency, but it hasn’t shown up yet!” - If your in-game purchase seems to have failed, please wait a few minutes before attempting to purchase the pack again. In the meantime, check your email inbox or device purchase history to see if the transaction went through. If the transaction has gone through on your end, the purchase might still be processing for delivery. If you don’t see any results from your purchase within an hour of play and after restarting the game, please submit a ticket with your receipt, order information and account information so that we can investigate and correct any errors for you.

Failed Purchases / Double Charges - For issues with direct purchases that require the use of real money, please submit a support ticket so that your query can be investigated and corrected as soon as possible. Please include as much information as possible to make it faster for us to resolve this for you. Include your username, player ID, and detailed information about your order such as a copy of your receipt and order number. If your attempt to make a real money purchase fails, please wait a few minutes to allow the game and app store services to process the transaction before trying again. Check your email inbox and/or purchase history to see if it had gone through. If you attempt to purchase a pack twice in quick succession without allowing it time to process, you may be charged twice for the purchase.

“Help!! My family member made a bunch of purchases when I wasn’t looking!” - We absolutely understand that frustrating situations like this can be heartbreaking to deal with. Since in-game purchases are considered final and non-refundable in most circumstances, I strongly recommend that you set up extra security measures on your device before allowing anyone else to play on your device. Android and Apple devices have their own respective ways of doing this, but something as simple as requiring a password for each purchase can save you the headache in the long run. I also recommend setting up younger family members with their own unique accounts to prevent any other kinds of inventory accidents.

Account & Log-in Issues

“I’m stuck at level 99. It’s showing me that I have 100% progress towards level 100 but it’s not letting me level up!” - There is a known issue where the experience progress meter gets inaccurately stuck at 100% while at player rank 99. As you continue to play, you will notice that your player rank will eventually hit 100 once enough experience has been accumulated.

“I’ve completed all the Skull Challenges but my total is stuck at a lower number.” - First check each world of the cosmos on each difficulty level to make sure that no uncompleted challenges have been overlooked. Then check your Skull Quests to see if there are any unfinished challenges as well. If your golden skull total still seems off, fully deleting and reinstalling the game will often resolve this. When you reload the game, be sure to log directly back into your original account using the small profile icon in the corner of the main loading menu. This issue typically stems from switching between different accounts on the same device or with the same account across multiple devices.

“I’m not seeing any of the new events and my store is only showing the old stuff!” - If you are having trouble seeing the most current event content despite being able to load and play the game, it means that something in your connection is throttling the information being received from the event server. Test different connections, such as wifi and cellular data, and check if there are any VPN, firewall, or adblock services on your device OR home network that might be interfering with this.

“I bought a new phone. How can I continue playing on a new device?” - As long as your account is securely linked to Apple Sign-In, Facebook, or an email address, you’ll be able to resume progress on your account from any device. Apple Sign-In users will have to link their account to another source as well if they wish to continue play on non-Apple devices. To do this, select your profile on the top left corner of the screen while viewing the cosmos and a window with options to further link your account will appear.

“I forgot to link my account before uninstalling the game!” - If you had forgotten to secure your account to an Apple Sign-In, Facebook account, or email address, you will have to submit a ticket to have us help you recover the account. Please provide us with your player ID or in-game username if possible. If you cannot remember these details, see if any personal friends on your trooper list or in your clan can check to see what your username is. If that fails, but you still have access to the same device, make a brand new account and send us the new username of that account. If you don’t have the original device and any memory of your account details, your account will be lost. To all players, please remember to secure your account, even if you are confident that you will remember your user details!

“I reinstalled the game and now all my stuff is gone - how do I get it back?!” - When you first load the game, pressing the “Start” button before logging in with your account information will begin a new account. If you have already started a new account, you can either play through the tutorial until you have the option to log out, or fully delete and reinstall the game once more to skip back to the initial loading screen.

“...but my game is linked to Google Play/Apple.” - There is a common misconception that game accounts are intrinsically linked to a player’s Google account or Apple ID. While your download and purchase history are rooted back to these core platform accounts, your Legacy Of The Beast account is separate (as with most games) and will remain as a guest account until you choose to secure it through the variety of means mentioned above.

“I forgot my password!” - If you use an email address and game account password to log in, but you have forgotten your password, you can have a password recovery email sent to you by tapping the small “i” icon in the box where you normally enter your password.

“It’s taking forever to load the game and I can’t play!” - If you find yourself unable to load the game, there are a few things to consider. If you’re using a relatively old device, be sure to review the minimum hardware requirements listed for the game in your respective app store. If that checks out, do you see lyrics cycling through and above your loading progress? If so, it means that your installation was likely to have been successful and that you are currently attempting to connect to the server - it may be worth closing and restarting the game after a minute to try again as the server could simply be processing heavy loads of player traffic. Also consider if any VPN, firewall, or adblock software on your device or in your network is causing interference. On the other hand, if you only see a blue loading bar and no lyrics, it could either mean that your installation went poorly or that you are failing to connect online entirely. Fully delete and reinstall the game once more and check your wifi and cellular connections to see if either makes a difference.

Miscellaneous Feedback & Other Issues

“My Skull Quest is showing me that it’s ready to be played, but when I start the mission, I get kicked back out to the character select screen.” - There is a known issue where the cooldown timer for exhausted Skull Quests can sometimes disappear. These pending quests will seem as if they are ready to be played again even though they are still recharging. When you try to start these quests during this time, you will see the pre-battle loading screen followed by being sent back to the team select screen. Thankfully, no Sands of Time are deducted. Without the timer, it would be best to simply try again at a later time to see if the quest is ready to be played.

“I have completed Body Bags and The Banshee in Night City with 100% HP many times, but the Skull Challenge never completes. What am I supposed to do?” - Challenges that require you to finish with 100% HP also require you to finish the battle without any reductions to your Max HP. For this reason, many players get stumped on Night City’s “Body Bags” and “The Banshee”. These missions contain Warrior Choppers whose passive skill immediately applies permanent reductions to Max HP at the start of battle. With that in mind, think about characters and talismans who can either protect you from this effect or increase your Max HP beyond what was lost before the battle ends.

“All I get are the same common characters over and over again. Why is this so unfair?” - Hunting down all the rarest characters can certainly lead to exhaustion if you rush to complete your collection too quickly. In some cases, it may be best to go about things at a relaxed pace, slowly working on improving your existing favorites. While top characters are certainly hard to get, there is a great sense of satisfaction when finally acquiring them. Over the years, we’ve also added a lot more variety when it comes to picking up sweet new characters. Utilizing duplicate characters for sacrifice, attainable character fragments during events and achievement-based characters are all ways you can help to build up your teams.

“What’s the best combination of characters and talismans for Arena?” - Well, you can’t go wrong with Soldier Eddie and three Possessed Machine Guns. While we do appreciate the enthusiasm surrounding tickets of this nature, it’s in the interest of fun puzzle solving and your overall game experience to not give out all the answers. If you haven’t already, signing up and participating on our forum is a great way to get feedback from top players about your teams. You can also use this platform to search for clans that suit your interests while making friends (or friendly rivalries) along the way.

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“There are too many different souls and fragments in the game! Make more room!” - Having grown significantly since launch, we know there’s plenty of room for improvement when it comes to inventory management. While our backlog is full of quality of life improvements we’d like to see added to the game, some issues, such as key souls taking up space in the Book of Souls, might come sooner than others. For soul fragments, we often see players hold onto more fragments than necessary since event-specific fragments can be safely converted at the end of their respective events. We hope to better communicate this in-game in a future update.

“It can be a chore to swipe through all these characters and talismans all the time. Can’t you make this easier to do?” - For those with a vast collection of characters and talismans, we totally understand how managing your inventory can feel burdensome. In light of that, we have recently released a search feature that allows you to quickly find characters and talismans. Going forward, additional improvements will be made so that searching can be more flexible in any situation. We hope you’ll appreciate updates to this feature once they are released.

“Silent Planet when?” - Soon™

“Isle of Avalon when?” - Soon™

“[Insert Iconic Eddie Here] when?” - Soon™