I’m seeing a problem, and I’m part of it. Seeing an Odin in the red feels bad. Putting an Odin in the red feels bad.. if you can’t finish him. Specifically Odin X, who is the gift that keeps on coming.

Nobody wants to battle that Odin. He doesn’t give good individual rewards; he doesn’t give good clan rewards. Without knowing exactly how much health he has, you don’t know how much power to bring to that fight. And as an officer, who should be leading by example, should I be the one to take him out? Or should I save my blood, because maybe I can help the clan more that way? But then, doesn’t everyone have that thought?

I like the Odin challenge most of the time and think he fosters camaraderie. But not when he’s in the red.

The good news is, I think this can be fixed. I think that we can have an Odin battle that is always good for the players and our community of players, and it might not be too hard to do.

Option # 1: Clear Bonus

Crafty clans might be able to take advantage of a clan clear bonus, i.e. set Odin low and send several players in at once. But what if there was an individual bonus, which was always the same, and only triggered on Odins that were below starting life total when attacked? It would not have to be much, maybe 10 ironite or something.. but would be a nice gesture to the person willing to do the dirty work and kill that Odin in the red. (Or even that Odin at 90%, because only a fresh Odin delivers max clan rewards.)

Option # 2: Refresh Button

We have it for Arena battles. Why not for Odin? Hit the button, and Odin comes back fresh (X only, please). Anyone who is in the battle gets to finish. Then there is a cool down for the refresh. Odin would never stay in the red for hours while people play chicken.

Option # 3: Odin X Works Differently

This might actually be the easiest (and best) option. Whenever anyone exits the Odin X fight, he pops up fresh automatically. You could still kill him and get the full compliment of individual and clan rewards, but you wouldn’t have to send guilty apologies when Odin gets you right at the end of a hard battle. More importantly, there would be no cause for conflict within a clan for leaving Odins incomplete; no discussion required about who should be responsible for that Odin. We could always use our blood when it is available and wouldn’t have to wait or request times to battle (for the sake of the clan).

As always.. if you made it this far, thank you for listening.