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    A poem for legacy of the beast

    Whenever the game runs like today i have this song in my head, just with a slightly different songtext...

    Maybe you are feeling the same sometimes, here is my personal version of the song (no offense intended this is just a humoristic adaptation from a dedicated customer :-):

    Piece of shit game

    Piece of shit game
    I got a piece of shit game
    That fuckin' pile of shit
    Never gets me very far

    My game's a big piece of shit
    'Cause my account was fucking shot
    And the servers are so fucking broken
    They just get too goddamn hot
    (It's a piece of shit)

    I can't see through the log in screen
    'Cause it's got a big spinning wheel
    And if i pass it once, the game is still crap
    'Cause the devs fucked up the code in the back
    (It's a piece of shit)

    Ref:Piece of shit game
    (He's got a piece of shit game)
    It sucks royal dick
    100% crap
    (Never gets him very far)
    Oh fuck you game

    But It's so fucking addictive, it’s like smoking a pipe of crack
    Whoever designed the game, can lick my sweaty nut sack
    (They can bite his ass too)
    But I got no fuckin' connection
    I'm always way out of control
    Eleven times a day I hear from my clan "Hey, relax you asshole"
    (You fuckin' piece of shit)

    Ref:I got piece of shit game
    (He got a piece of shit game)
    Maclo Error sucks my ass
    That pile of coding shit
    (Never gets him very far)
    Oh what the fuck did I do
    What the fuck did I do
    What the fuck did I do
    To get stuck with you
    You're too bad to get through
    And you smell like the shoe
    But I'm too dumb to get something new
    Oh fuck me

    Well the game likes crash
    And it always fuckin' stalls,
    the offers are a big rip off
    it feels like someone kicks my balls
    Plus the RNG is fucking rigged
    I never get the newest meta
    (What a pain in his ass)
    And if a girlie sees my game
    There's no chance I'll ever bang her
    (He never ever gets da pussy)

    Ref: Hey shut up
    (Piece of shit game)
    You piece of shit game
    You piece of shit game
    (Piece of shit game)
    Bald fuckin' gameplay
    No stable fucking raiding
    (Piece of shit game)
    Seven different worlds
    are coming soon for years
    (Piece of shit game)
    Shitcode makes the bugs fly everywhere
    Oh the whole town thinks I'm a loser
    (You got a piece of shit game)
    Because i waste my time with this…
    (Piece of shit game)
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    Exactly. Now this piece of shit doesn't even load.

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    lmao, before entering i knew that a topic like this opened by slauki would have made me giggle
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