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    Quote Originally Posted by slauki View Post
    game is unplayable for me.

    missing clan event rewards
    - i can claim an empty rewards box every time after the restart, but no rewards are added pfc.

    arana bugs:
    -disco bug is back.
    - endless fury of an invisible viking who was about to die
    - exit matches also doesn't work

    3 matches 3 fails

    - cosmos
    cannot load sq or powerslave or any other level. 3 times in a row just an endless laoding wheel of death.

    anyone else the same issues?

    actually the only thing i could do was playing an odin match, which is pretty surprising after this clusterfuck....

    EDIT: tried another device, same issues. the game finally broke my account as it seems
    Exactly the same set if bugs...

    I would add another: if I manage my inventory, I cannot exit it due to the loading bug.

    Surprisingly, inventory changes get saved even though the game needs to be force-closed.

    My clan cleared the event during the night and I woke up to this...

    At least Odin works, but extra annoying shuffling talismans and having to force close the game each run!

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    Quote Originally Posted by ritchbe View Post
    At least Odin works, but extra annoying shuffling talismans and having to force close the game each run!
    I installed a their new version this noon and there's a new filter with an improved search for talismans. You can filtter Equiped/Unequiped talismans and you can move them without searching for 10 hours. Also it tells you which char is wearing them.

    Why they haven't talked about this new feature is a mystery to me. (unless they've done it already but it wasn't there when I checked for it)

    Edit: They've post it after I checked (
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    iOS users are still waiting for the new features.
    All there is in this app is to spend money or collect yet more frags... entirely pointless and unfulfilling..

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