Hey guys,

wanted to hear if someone has the same issues:

my account is seriously broken since the daily reset.

I played 3 arena matches and i couldn't finish any of them because of the "disco bug".
In addition i cannot even load any level anymore. No cosmos world, no lord of light, no skull quests, nothing. everytime i just get an endless loading loop.

also tried to open levels via keys, nothing. the strange thing is that i was able to claim my daily quest rewards despite i wasn't able to play one level.

Every time i restart the game i get a message that i can claim clan rewards but the box is empty. Seems like some data corrupted my account completly.

Which is weird as well: I could play two raid matches flawlessly, that's all. Pretty surprising this works.

I tried several devices and several reinstalls already, this didn't help at all, my account is seriously damaged as it seems. i logged in in a friends accountand i could play there without issues. he logged in into mine and had the same problem. this is definetly something account related and has nothing to do with my devices.

If some of the devs reads this please check if you can find the issue. I'm very unhappy that i cannot play at all and that i miss all the rewards. Hope you can find the issue

My account name is donslauki-3210
Account id: 756129750694498304
opened a support ticket: My Ticket # is 56834.

Best regards