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    Quote Originally Posted by zamasu View Post
    Even though the update tried to fix one of biggest issues in the game, its addition caused more problems than it solved. These are the issues with the update:

    - SLOW: before the update we were able to remove, add, search talismans in a faction of a second. Now changing talismans takes too long. Between the swap, equip & remove button takes 10x longer than before.

    - Default settings: Before if you were going to add a set of talismans, you looked for it in your inventory, select it, equip it and do the same with all the rest. It took about 2 secs to equip a set of 3. Now it takes 10x longer because once you equip the first taliman the default settings gos to the beginning of your inventory AND it changes the color, so now you have to search for your color and talisman again to equip the second one, and repeat the process for the 3rd one. And now add the exta time it takes to swap. Now it takes 20x longer to change talismans.

    Yes now we are able to FIND talismans faster. But in other to equip them it takes much, much longer. I think I speak for a lot of players when I say switch the talisman mechanisms back to where they were and come back to the new one once you fix all the glitches and make it work properly and smooth like the old system
    Dont disagree that it should be fixed. But as a work around, the simple approach is just to type in your talisman and then load it on the char. It doesnt disappear then!

    Also, Im not getting a heap of lag tbh. A little slower perhaps, but for me, the search on characters is still only 20% of the time it would have taken me to scroll through 400 odd characters to find the right talisman!

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    The character filter is overriding the talisman filter.

    As I put in another post elsewhere:
    It actually defaults back to the current class of character selected for character filtering.

    eg: Select an Assassin character, then change the character filter on the left side for characters to Sentinel (do not click on another character). Go into talismans for the Assassin character and it will default to Sentinel talismans, unless you select a class-specific talisman slot.

    Basically, the character type filter is being inherited by the talisman filter.

    If you don't select a character filter, the default is "all" which equates to "cosmic" in talisman terms.

    - Equipping direct from another character bypasses that filter it seems.
    - Regardless, it always resets to the start of that selected talisman filter when you choose a new talisman slot.
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