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    the talisman search feature is nice.

    another qol suggestion: it would be nice if you could include talisman effects in the encyclopedia effect section. this would make the "do x effect 1000 times" much easier. sometimes i just forget all the talisman effects.

    oh btw: these essays on all the talismans and chars are kinda annoying. even players that play since day 1 and who still care a lot about the game are not fully aware of all the different kind of stuff with all these chars and talismans. it would be nice if you could make it a little less complex with all these interactions. in the good old days freeze talis had a chance to freeze an opponens 20% of the time, plain and simple. nowadays i need to have a phd to understand and memorize the gazillion of effects in ONE talisman set

    and what was mentioned before the daily keys and some others like mayan should stack. throwing them in every time sucks hard
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