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    Customer Service Efficacy

    As most of the players this game I find myself with a lot of time stuck at home with only the same things to distract myself and one can only rank the Maiden Albums so many times.

    So with that time I decided to go through ALL of my customer service tickets and crunch some numbers and see if I my notions on how effective they have been matched the data.

    First off some "rules" I set for myself.

    • Each individual ticket counts as one ticket even if multiple issues were adressed or if it concerns the contents of another ticket
    • If materials were refunded but the cause for the loss of those materials still exists (e.g. arena refresh taking an extra 10 ironite) that ticket is not marked as resolved
    • If the ticket is still open then use the current date as the closed date (just to be optimistic and have a response length for all tickets)

    The Results

    • Number of Tickets: 64
    • Tickets Open: 5
    • Tickets Resolved: 9 (14%)
    • Shortest Response time: 8 Minutes
    • Longest Response Time: 368 Days
    • Average Response Time: 22.93 Days
    • Total Response Time: 1055.214 Days

    While going through I noticed the bulk of my tickets could fall in to one of a few categories:

    • Server refresh causing desync
    • Delayed Rewards (usually not resolved by device chache clears)
    • Visual bugs (namely colour blind issues and UI overlap)

    I have drawn my own conclusions from this data set and I'll let you draw your own. I would also be very interested in hearing other user's numbers. This is only one user's info and we have no way of knowing if this is the norm or an outlier.

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    My experience is as follows:
    # of tickets-3 (over a 2+ year period)
    Issues-reward delays/failure to get rewards.
    Tickets resolved-3
    Resolved to my satisfaction-3
    Average response time-1 or 2 days.
    Serviced by two different staff members. I would rate their professionalism and courtesy as 5 stars out of 5. (I don't have any relationships between myself and nf/navigator other than as a customer). This has been my experience of the company.

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    My experience has been hit and miss, mostly miss lately. Once in a while I get a great response right away and problem solved, but more often than not I don't get a response anymore, or it takes multiple ticket inquiries to get a response. Only if I keep pushing do I hear back from them. Of all the last 5 or 6 separate bug reports and missing toon/rewards tickets, and subsequent followups Ive submitted in the past few months I've gotten one general response, basically saying they're aware of all the s*#t going on, and they're working on everything, but no response to any of my individual ticket issues. Support has gone way downhill for me. Pretty poor customer treatment, considering we're doing them a great service by reporting all the bugs and issues with their software, basically providing free beta testing for them. Hopefully things will improve.

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