Hi everyone, I have rn 4000 FC and I don't really know what to buy with it. I've already purchased GablerEd, VanH, Horus, Alex, KP, War LoL Max and Musashi.

Also I'm considering buying one of these characters:

Bounty Hunter (i don't have any cosmic for him)
Ace Bomber
White LoL

I'm not sure that if I buy these chars I'll be able to fully utilize them (due to missing talismans) or end disappointed if they aren't as great as expected.
But that's not all
I have (atleast it's what I think) a medium roster, having dark lil maxed and red LoL maxed and some other good characters but...
I recently started the grind to get Malakov and currently i'm at 150 on 3 toons to get US Cavalry
I just don't know what should I do first and how to improve more my team

It would be great if somebody has got some spare time to look at my roster (xXAnToS12Xx-3255, i know it's a childish name) and helped me with improving my team :x