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    A Hypnosis Talisman Proposal

    Hypnosis Talismans are very niche; they are essentially the Iron Maiden Ed cosmic talisman, as they only really sync with him. They give him a negative effect to power up his regular abilities, and sync with the negative effects he can inflict. However, there is a slight issue with this set that I think could be fixed to make it work better: the physical burn effect he receives is not innate. If he has immunity, he cannot benefit from the talismans at full value. I propose that the physical burn for the talismans just ignores immunity on Iron Maiden Ed; it wouldn't make him busted by any means, as you're sacrificing better talisman sets like Valhalla, Asgard, and even Primordial. I think that this is fair, as the talisman is intended to power him up and such. What do you guys think?
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