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    Wow I had no idea it was that elaborate. I also didn’t realize part of the reason was to help out fellow players.

    So now that you guys have explained that, maybe I could get your advice. My main objective in the arena (when I decide to be active outside of the 1 daily arena battle challenge) is always just to finish each with as high of a score as I can. But after reading what you guys have said, I am considering doing the weaker defensive team now also. But if I do, could this significantly bring down the score and rank I finish with? Or is finishing with the same (or close to the same) score and rank something I could still manage to do as I would without an intentionally weak defensive team.

    I typically finish at the top of the Warlord tiers or the bottom of the King tiers, of that is of any significance to my question.

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    I make warlord one every week. Also, as I said. I only return battle weak defence that attack my weak defence

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    Firehead, do you have enough SoW to do all the gauntlet battles per season and still play arena. If you put up a weak defense and do 20 battles a day its possible to rank higher than having a strong defense. I know you are going for the ranked rewards, but earning the IC can be important until you max your relics. You have to balance your weekly rewards to earning IC.

    You can always run a weak defense for the early part of the week, then put a strong defense to remain at the rank you want at the end of the week.
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