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    Shadow of Death (Dungeon) - Increased chance at Tarobo, Tengu Warden and Oni Eddie!

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    Battle in the Shadow of Death dungeon for Tarobo, Tengu Warden!

    Tarobo is a new 5★ Gunner who punishes enemies with negative effects, and can load up beneficial effects on his allies to turn the tide of battle.

    His passive grants immunity to Burn effects to all allies and will remove a Random Beneficial Effect, and inflict a Random Negative Effect on attacking enemies for 2 turns when anyone on your team takes damage!

    From now until May 27th, 5 PM PT, battle in the Shadow of Death dungeon! This dungeon comes with 4 difficulty settings and is packed with awesome rewards!

    The first time you complete Normal, Hard or Madness, you will earn set rewards including Yōkai Souls and Avenger Talismans, and your first Insanity run will grant T3 Cosmic Evo Runes and Talisman Epic Soul Fragments. All subsequent victories are guaranteed to provide Gunner Soul Fragments, and Dungeon Fragments, as well as a chance of up to 2 bonus rewards, including Singularity Talismans.

    Yōkai Souls can be earned in three ways:

    1. Earn them as first time completion rewards in the Normal, Hard and Madness levels of the Shadow of Death Dungeon.
    2. Complete Event Challenges! Getting 200 fragments will earn you a Yōkai Soul, with up to 10 Souls that can be earned from challenges over the course of the event.
    3. Get Yōkai Souls in store for Ironite in the usual bundle sizes of 1, 3, or 10.

    In addition to Yōkai Soul Fragments, completing event challenges will grant various other rewards, including Forged Soul Fragments and new Temperance Talismans!

    Temperance Talismans are a red talisman with a 4-set effect. Equipping this set will do the following:
    Grants 12 Power for your team and Perfect Immunity to all allies for 1 turn after your first action in battle. 50% Chance to grant Immunity, Heal Amp and Heal Shield for 2 turns to each ally every action. Remove all negative effects, including Silver and Unblockable effects, and grant Perfect Health and Perfect Accuracy Up for 3 turns to all allies when you die.

    Forged Fragments are the event currency of the Forge of Destiny Mega Event.

    Trade your Forged Fragments in the Mega Store for rare rewards including Freya Cosmic Talismans and Odin himself!

    You can learn more about this Mega event in the Forge of Destiny event post here!

    Yōkai Soul Details!

    The Yōkai Soul is a limited time event soul which guarantees a 3★ to 5★ character of any class and has a 2x chance of summoning 5★ characters! It also has an increased chance of summoning 5 classes of Shinobi, Oni Eddie, Samurai Eddie and Tarobo, Tengu Warden.

    Each Yōkai Soul summoned will also grant the following bonus rewards:
    • 10 Tarobo, Tengu Warden Soul Fragments
    • 20 Talisman Gold Red Soul Fragments

    Collecting 750 Tarobo, Tengu Warden Soul Fragments guarantees one 5★ Tarobo, Tengu Warden!

    400 Talisman Gold Red Soul Fragments guarantees a Tier 1 to Tier 3 Gold or Red Cosmic Talisman and 5★ Gold Idol.

    Dungeon Fragment Details:

    Dungeon Fragments will drop in event Dungeons. Use Dungeon Fragments to purchase items found within the Event Store Tab. You can continue collecting and building your stockpiles of Dungeon Fragments with each Dungeon event.

    Please note that the items available for Dungeon Fragments disappear between dungeon events. They will reappear again with the same items available the next time a dungeon event is held.

    Since these Fragments are meant to be spent in store, they cannot be converted to Precious Soul Fragments and will ‘loop’ if you claim a Dungeon Soul (if claimed, a Dungeon Soul will simply produce 1000 Dungeon Fragments, and 1 1★ Gold Idol, thus returning the fragments used to create it, and the Gold spent to summon it).

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    You'll need to do a lot of runs (800) if you want the new Temperance set. Thankfully you only need 200 runs to gain all of the 1000 Forged Fragments. There is a single Temperance talisman in the event store for 500 ironite. The extra 600 runs, if done on Normal, will cost you 900 ironite, before any refunds. You'll need to make a cost-reward decision for yourself there.

    Here are the event challenges:
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    The dungeon follows the usual pattern for these events.
    Stage Normal Hard Madness Insanity
    SoT Cost 6 8 10 12
    Minimum Gunner Frags 3 5 8 12
    Dungeon Frags 2 4 6 9

    Normal and Hard are straight forward, you wont have much trouble, if any. Both Madness and Insanity feature a wave with Starfires, be prepared.

    Here is the Madness stage:
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    And here is the Insanity stage:
    Name:  ShadowOfDeathInsanitySmaller.png
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    Best of luck with the challenges everyone!

    Oh, I like how clicking the REWARDS button now shows the relative rarity of each items. That's nice!
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    New event and game breaks. I can't even log in reliably. Game freezes and I am forced to close it.

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    Who's terrible idea was this to lock one of the event talismans behind 800 dungeon runs? That amount is fine for stretch goals but for a new talisman set, it's just a pain in the ass to deal with. Seems like using ironite for the last one may be the better option here, unfortunately.
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    Temperance talis will be sold after the event. Hopefully for in-game currency.

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    This is a pretty straight forward dungeon, nothing out of the ordinary (not even insanity) and I liked it, I was able to complete all difficulties in less than a minute per battle:

    Insanity team for Sentinel only achievement (best time 32 seconds):
    Viking Eddie (fully awakened): Yggdrasil/Viking cosmic T3
    Horus: Past/blight/Horus cosmic T2
    LoL: Impulse
    KP: Greed/Warlord

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    Have had one of the waves freeze on me like some have reported with Mystic. Was wave 1 or 3? I wasn't watching, but it had Shinobi's in it on the left-right. Was the Madness level (hence all the Magus toons).

    At the time had:
    GRE (max awakened) with Health, Force, Force Cosmic (didn't change it from last event)
    Cosmic Lillith (max awakened) with Ragnarok and her bespoke cosmic
    Wicker Owl Evolved (max awakened) with Moon/Avenger/Serenity cosmic
    The Mariner with Yggdrasil/Serenity cosmic

    Swapped GRE with LAD and Cosmic Lillith with Ferryman and the problem hasn't resurfaced.

    No idea whether that was just a once-off or something specific with GRE, but thought I'd mention it.
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    There seems to be a common theme running with these dungeon freezes, and that is GRE.

    I would be curious to know what Autoplay speed you are running at. I assume 3x. I believe the main freeze issue is caused by GRE running at 3x autoplay.

    Why I believe this is because I have had issues with Cyborg and BHE running at 3x speed in dungeons with this type of freeze. It happens to me in a lot of the older dungeons, regular dungeons. For a long time, I though for some reason my system was bugging out on 3x speed and I played for months at 2x speed until I realised it was Cyborg and BHE with the issue. The freeze is toon specific, not talisman and it rarely happens when I am roflstomping a dungeon, more likely to happen in longer fights. I imagine is it related to powers and decision making.

    GRE seems to be having a similar bug.

    Please confirm that this freeze happens at 3x autoplay speed.

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    I have an issue with runs in madness not counting for the magus achievement. My team is Grim reaper Eddie (awakened once), magus derby demon, magus cosmic lilith, and magus Crimean soldier. I've run it multiple times and it only shows 1. Then I switched to finish the warrior achievement on hard, hoping that the correct count would show up once I completed a challenge and collecting rewards, but no luck.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MetalKing View Post
    I have an issue with runs in madness not counting for the magus achievement. My team is Grim reaper Eddie (awakened once), magus derby demon, magus cosmic lilith, and magus Crimean soldier. I've run it multiple times and it only shows 1. Then I switched to finish the warrior achievement on hard, hoping that the correct count would show up once I completed a challenge and collecting rewards, but no luck.
    Same thing here, all alive at final win.
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