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    Event run counts

    So yesterday I did the following parts of the new Tengu-themed event, and saw the rewards pop up each time:
    - 15 Normal runs, all assassin, all must survive.
    - 15 Hard runs, all warrior, all must survive.
    - 15 Madness runs, all magus, all must survive.
    - 15 Insanity runs, all sentinel, all must survive.

    Today, reviewing how many runs I have left to go towards 800 runs, and I noticed that the Hard runs said 10, not 15.

    I mean WTF? I saw it drop (I played each run, selecting a trooper manually, cos I was selecting class-specific troopers to play along so as not to break the "all x class" thing.

    So I just ran 5 more runs of hard with all Warrior toons so that it would drop again.

    Glad it was only 5 runs tho, and not something like the 800 runs being miscounted.

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    Maybe there is something funny with the Hard mode? I had at least 25 runs in Hard not count towards the run challenges last night. Had been doing them in Normal without any trouble, but due to connection errors, I ended up needing to burn some SoT a little faster and switched to Hard for the last 200 SoT. It only advanced the tracker by 1 run. Not a big deal, but will probably stick with normal for a while, just to be safe.

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