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Sacrifice for rare rewards!

From now until May 31st at 5PM PT, earn bonuses from each tier of Sacrifice, in addition to normal sacrifice rewards:

  • Tier I sacrifices have a bonus of 2 Phoenix Fragments
  • Tier II sacrifices have a bonus of 6 Phoenix Fragments
  • Tier III sacrifices have a bonus of 20 Phoenix Fragments
  • Tier IV sacrifices have a bonus of 60 Phoenix Fragments
  • Tier V sacrifices have a bonus of 150 Phoenix Fragments
  • Tier VI sacrifices have a bonus of 250 Phoenix Fragments
  • Tier VII sacrifices have a bonus of 500 Phoenix Fragments
  • Vortexes have a bonus of 750 Phoenix Fragments

Trade Phoenix Fragments for Rewards!
Phoenix Fragments can be traded for a variety of rewards including Cosmic Icarus Talismans, Greek Awakening Shards, and Forged Fragments!

New Cosmic Icarus Talismans can be equipped to Icarus, Daedalus, Flight of Icarus Eddie and Fallen Icarus Eddie! They will increase all stats in battle, reduce incoming damage, increase damage dealt to enemies and will disable the passives of up to 3 enemies for 1 turn. This Talisman will also allow you to avoid taking damage for 1 turn, and will revive a random ally every time you take damage the first time you reach 1 HP in Battle.

Since Phoenix Fragments are meant to be spent in store they will ‘loop’ if you claim a Phoenix Soul (if claimed, a Phoenix Soul will simply produce 500 Phoenix Fragments, and 1 1* Gold Idol, thus returning the fragments used to create it, and the Gold spent to summon it). If you do not wish to spend these Fragments in store, you can always convert them into Precious Soul Fragments.

Complete Challenges to earn a variety of rewards including various Seventh Son Eddie Fragments, Labyrinth Key Souls, and Forged Soul Fragments.

Forged Fragments are the event currency of the Forge of Destiny Mega Event.

Trade your Forged Fragments in the Mega Store for rare rewards including Freya Cosmic Talismans and Odin himself!

You can learn more about this Mega event in the Forge of Destiny event post here!

Trade extra Alchemist Fragments, Rare or Common Souls for additional rewards! You can see the full list of items in the Event Store!

Event Store Additions

  • Need more essence? Head to the Event Store and grab our revamped Essence Chaser Pack for an extra boost for your next Sacrifice. This pack now contains five 5* Sacrificial Hearts in addition to Ironite, a bit of Gold, 5 Skill Shards and 20 Rare Souls!
  • Grab an additional boost of Phoenix Soul Fragments to trade for more items in the Event Store. This Fragment Mega Pack also contains Talisman Soul Fragments, Frontier Coins, Ironite and more!
  • Pick up the Steel Resolve Pack! This bundle contains Sentinel Awakening Shards, Gold, Ironite, Frontier Coins and 6 Greek Awakening Shards! It also contains a T2 Gold Cosmic Talisman with a Radiant set-effect. This effect prevents the enemy from gaining offensive effects and grants the wearer a random defensive effect every turn!

Did you know you can double or even triple your rewards for a sacrifice? Doing a sacrifice with a higher amount of essence than the minimum required gives you a chance of getting double rewards based on how much you’ve exceeded the essence requirement.