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    Merging of clans

    Okay... I started thinking
    Our clan has a hard time finding new members and for sure there are many many more facing the same issue.
    So instead of over and over posting that we are recruiting I want try over a different way.
    What if clans that still seek member merge instead?

    My idea is that those clans that are heavenly seeking member post here the level they are and how many active members they have.
    Based on this other clans can negotiate together if they want to merge into the other clan or vise versa.

    Of cause switching within a clan event might not be the best idea since you loose 48 hours.

    So I want to kickoff with our own clan.

    Clan: Fear the Dark
    Level: 15
    Active members: 13

    So in case your clan has less then 13 active members then feel free to let us know if you want to merge in our clan.
    If you are in a clean that has a higher level and that can use 13 members... please post your clan name and I will talk to my clan to see if we can join yours.

    Of cause if your clan has 21 member then of cause you can also post here in case a clan of 7 members want to merge.

    And if your still looking for a clan then your also more then welcome of cause


    Allow me to post an update here.
    Our clan successfully merged with clan Down Under (A big thanks goes out to them!).

    We where lucky to have a clan leader that was humble and was able to put the clan up front.
    I can only recommend this to all the "smaller" clans out there.
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