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    I have been building up awakening soul fragments the past week and have run over 400 LOL XV dungeons. Zero level 5 colored awakening shards have dropped. I get clear 5*, but I haven't seen a color specific one in a long time. It feels like they were either removed, or the drop rate reduced so low as to make it impossible to get those. Next time I run it I will try to remember to look and see if they are even listed in the loot table for the dungeon any more. If they are the drop rate has to be incredibly low.
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    showing in the rewards table as XI-XV with XV as the highest chance of a drop. yet nothing, after 5000 SOT which is a major concern. yet devs aint bothered about the players cus all we are to them is a wallet so they get to keep their jobs and keep NF/Navigator Games afloat. their customer service is shocking, don't respond to tickets, or if they do its weeks later. simply not good enough
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    Your best bet for those Taurus boxes and colored 4-5 star material is awakening souls.

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    In the same boat. Need 3 to fully awaken final LoL, burned through an awful lot of keys, thousands of sands and still nowt. Had better odds from XV than I have souls for second to last LoL and even then I had more luck getting shite out a rocking horse

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