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    The EXORCISTS Clan Invitation- JOIN NOW!

    Make a switch and come
    JOIN US!

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    We are currently looking to replace a couple inactive players.

    PM Clan Leader *Smudger24* for more info, or join our Discord and check out the crew.

    We've already finished the 1 billion point clan challenge in 14 hours.

    "The scream of the demon
    There's evil about
    They've come to possess us
    Out demons out!"
    (Judas Priest/Demonizer)

    Welcome to the clan invitation thread for
    The EXORCISTS Clan.
    All languages welcome!

    We currently are looking for an active lvl 100 daily player that enjoys the spoils of completed clan events, with a supportive clan who's more than happy to help you achieve more.

    We Hit SSS in raids without issue weekly.

    We have a very active helpful and friendly Discord chat server with members from around the world, and a good translator built in, where we discuss strategy, Raid teams, PVP, Gauntlet, Current Events and non-game topics like hobbies, music, and TV/Movies. Check it out.

    If you're interested to be part of a clan to be proud of, and to be proud of you. Here's your chance.

    Private message me if you have questions or need more info.

    Please, daily players/serious gamers only!

    Good luck and thanks for stopping by.


    The Priests are here to give you
    Last Rites,
    ... prepare to meet your maker!

    Proud leader of

    The EXORCISTS Clan

    Daily player since the beginning.

    Game ID: Smudge-4480
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