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    Raid Boss didn't restart

    Hello everyone.

    As the title says, something wrong happened in my clan. We're still at Odin X and it still shows the number of attacks we've done last week.
    Also, characters didn't refresh and I was robbed 200 ironites. I'm sending a ticket but I needed to know if some of you are dealing with the same issue. It's very stressful not knowing what's going on.

    Moreover, I attacked Odin just to give it a try and toons are really bugged. Ragnar HEALS Odin and Angel Eddie doesn't prevent Odin X from gaining Perfect Immunity. Should I stop playing and enjoy real life? LOL
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    The ragnar and Angel Ed are separate issues that happen even when Odin properly resets.

    That really sucks though and I feel for your clan. Given that customer support is once again taking weeks to answer support tickets, looks like you guys are going to be out of luck for at least this week. Hopefully the next reset actually works.
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