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    Positive Trends on the Raid Front

    Hey. Iím here firstly to acknowledge good things that have happened with Raids. It has been quite some time since I have been taken to the cleaners by a raid boss because the game was set to auto-play when I walked into the room. I canít speak for everyone, but I donít think Iíve changed my habits.. I think maybe this was a fix we asked for, the fix happened, and it worked?

    Thatís the perfect combination. Sometimes we get fixes we didnít ask for, or the fix happens but it doesnít work.

    You also no longer have to squint at health bars to guess whether a Raid Boss is full. Numbers are much more instructive. (Yay!)

    And the SoB inventory expansion is almost exactly what I asked for in another post. Now 3 SoB bundles donít fill my inventory, and I feel a lot less stress about when I have to be online using blood.

    A couple gripes do remain.. and/but these are lesser issues or I (/we, the community) would have brought them up to begin with. It is still possible to click a boss when he is full, and in the space of time required to set your team and enter the Raid he has already taken damage. Itís not, like, a common problem, but it is persistent and happened to me several times this week. One of my strongest teams was fired up and ready to smash face, and when they arrived on the scene Boppy (sorry, Baphomet...) was at 10%. Thatís a single attack from a single dude, if you do it right. Not cool.

    I wonder if Boppyís health bar could somehow be locked for you as you are transitioning from the battle welcome to the set team screen? Or maybe you could just see his health in the corner of the screen as you were setting your team, to make sure it hadnít changed from a moment ago?

    The other gripe is really nostalgia. Because of the difference in rewards between Boppy (sorry, Baphomet) and Odin, it really doesnít make sense to play Odin anymore... after perhaps the first clear bonuses. Yes, Odin might make more sense for some people depending on team composition. Yes, it gives you a chance to use your favorite toons twice. However, I donít think there is really a pronounced difficulty difference between Odin and Boppy (sorry, Baphomet). Each presents a unique challenge that needs to be solved in a different way. So... I am not asking that anything be changed. But there is a third Riad boss that has yet to be released, and I would ask that Boppy (sorry, Baphomet) not be devalued in the same way that Odin was when he or she is released. It would be great if the new Boss presented a new challenge and perhaps a different (but not BETTER) set of Raid rewards.

    I kind of miss Odin. You know? Itís all in my sig.

    -Fan of the game
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    The longer raids are around the less they feel like a chore that I'm just putting off (like skull quests, trooper runs and frontier dungeons) and the more I'm actually excited to play.

    The biggest complaint (which some of us have been pointing out from the beginning) is that with how the health is set up, communication is KEY. I think it's fine that the boss health is live and can drop between the level select screen and hitting battle if someone attacks him. They're live and a group effort. Unfortunately though it sucks to build a team that can last through all 100% that was there when you selected the level but the boss only has 50% health left by the time you get in.

    The in game chat is not that great (low character limit, long load times, delays between sending your message and the clan being able to see it, chat just not showing up at all sometimes, etc) but a lot of clans still need a way to communicate and coordinate. That's why a lot of players have switched to non-LotB methods of communication with Discord being the most popular. A quick, "I'm going into Bap X for 20 mins" can be seen by all and will prevent clan mates from stepping on each others toes.
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