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    Quote Originally Posted by IronMaster View Post
    56 runs for one key it's impossible. You need to have an average 0:30 for 1 run
    I didn't do 56 runs in one key. The gap between achievement and mission numbers increased over several keys. The last key I used only counted 14 runs and I was elaborating on that. Anyway 3 new keys with the evolution event means I don't need to buy more keys from store. So it is all good.

    Quote Originally Posted by jstrickPhoto View Post
    Hmm... this has my curiosity piqued!
    Those variety events usually have goals involving spending resources including gold, fc etc. I didn't have much gold or fc hoarded in the last event and missed the T3 red cosmic talisman. So this time I am hoarding just in case...
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    Ya, for me too was about 45-55s/run avg, but takes ~30s between each battle, so only getting 40+ runs/key. Wish they'd shorten the wasted time between runs by a lot when on auto, especially for those dungeons that are only open for 1 hour, and the 30s breaks are much more significant overall.

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