What if we got an option for playing/testing Raids without rewards or sob cost to experiment stuff? Like the Arena section where you can try your defense? Or, if for some reason you consider is too much give us this aspect of the game "free". Could we have a day of the week/month to play it free with no rewards?

We mostly have strategies for Odin and Baphy covered, but there is always a little more to learn, change, adjust or just improve, and yes, you could buy more Sob in case you need it, but having again the same team 3 or 4 times to adjust some details is not so easy. Space Talismans? yes a good option, of course, but a very expensive and risky one as well.

I donīt know about you but it was super fun to do strategies against Odin and Baphy, and yet for me, there is still some room to improve there. Also, thinking about the next raid could be useful as well.

So, would it be too harmful the option of testing raids with no restrictions but also no rewards?