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    Which characters suit these talismans ?

    Hello people,

    With all these events and things, I've picked up a few talisman sets, that I have no idea which characters they'd be most useful on.

    I have sets of Valhalla, Amulet, Giant, Oracle, Metal, and Temperance.

    Any thoughts on which characters skills usually go well with these talismans and their effects ?

    (With all these character changes, awakenings, and so on, I find it harder and harder to try and figure this stuff out, esp. when descriptions of effects are in such small text)

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    Except for the Bespoke Cosmic Talismans and a few exceptions, I think this game is not anymore about Toons with their talis, and its about what talis should I put under these circumstances and what toons do I have that can wear those Talis...

    So, a simple and silly example: Valhalla (main attribute: dmg reduction, remove some golden shields and resurrect someone when you kill an enemy)

    So you want to put Valhalla when for some reason you're toons don't remove golden shields or they got disabled. Gauntlet for example. You are playing with Class restrictions and you have to fight against The Major (he puts perfect shield after every action) well, go for (almost) any toon with 5 yellow slots and throw some Valhallas on it and problem solve... Again just and incomple and silly sample about one way of playing the game.

    Anyway, some few tips so you are not so lost:

    Valhalla: works well with damage dealers who depend on their special stats, against perfect shields, and it's a good damage reductioner.
    Giant: works well with toons that boost their skills depending on freeze, also works well against Baphy, cos P/ accuracy down, and resurrect a toon.
    Oracle: its really old, but heals and cleans? I don't remember well, but if so, pair it with a toon who heals to boost up its healing, or do the other way around, put them in a team where nobody heals so at least you got something.
    Metal: Works well against teams that depends on inflicting PD you. Mirror Mirror :P
    Temperance: its mostly used for boost up your power moves and then your fury.
    Amulet: Works well when you bin it :P

    Of course, there are A LOT of things to say about this talis and combos, but you get the general idea right?
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