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    Cosmic Ying? Cosmic Yang?

    With more and more Cosmic talis and Cosmic 4-sets being released, 6-sets are slowly becoming devalued. There are a handful that are useful, but even these are probably niche.

    No way should a 5-set or 6-set EVER be released as a Cosmic (I already think the 4-sets have pushed the envelope too far). That's too much value in one slot. But, Ying and Yang are both 3-Sets... could there be a way for us to have our cake and eat it, too?

    I don't think the dropping of a Ying or Yang (3-set) Cosmic would be game-altering. On the contrary, Ying/Yang was the first set I loved when I was just beginning... but I hardly see it or use it anymore (mostly it finds temporary/permanent homes and gets a look in Gauntlet now and then). Cosmic versions of each half would also allow you to get Ying/Yang onto any toon and give you a 2-set to play with. That would be... really cool.

    That's it. Simple idea.
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    I feel like any 2 or 3 slot talismans should be fair game and I like how well Yin/Yang synergize.

    I agree that there should be no 5 of 6 slots that should be cosmics even if they aren't amazing. 4 sets I'm willing to be convinced based on the effect. Gates are alright because it ONLY has the effect of blocking one type of damage and there are plenty of counters. Dream talismans on the other hand have a lot more effects and should have the balancing effect of allowing only one other taliman set (either a 2 slot or cosmic).

    Just imagine what kind of hell it would be to go up against something like a Viper/Valhalla combo especially on someone like Warrior LoL. A bunch of turns that can bring back dead teammates.
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