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    Fragment shopping is a mess

    The two "shops" which sit on the front screen only are not in there but otherwise It's nice to see almost all the various stores are now accessible in one place. However, all that confirms is the fragment spend options are a scattered mess. I still have thousands of Perilous and Vanquish fragments 'cause I never found what I could spend them on. The Rewards store has Dungeon & Gauntlet options - great obvious spending points. There's also a "Tab" tab which makes no sense when it states "Tab" and even less sense when it states some garbled error as the title. There's at least three other fragment types on the go at the moment - why aren't they represented here? By all means stuff this portion of the shop with the RW purchase options first but make the spending of frags a lot easier. A lot of time gets put into earning the frags, it shouldn't be another lengthy search to find where to spend them.

    When viewing the frags in the BoS please also add a link to the store front where they can be spent.

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    Anything to mitigate the fact that it's so hard to tell event frags apart would help.

    I'm a fan of putting the frag name in the store instead of a tiny image but this would help for sure.
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    The only thing that would help is to get rid of this stupid Fragment-System.
    More and more fragment types are put into this game and all looking same and after the events they are left in our inventory for nothing.
    It would be easier to buy EVERYTHING with GOLD. Gold as main reward for everything and the possibility to buy everything with gold.

    It's feels like a "Click-through-endless-lists-Game" and not a "Game"
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