So I was playing at my parents house yesterday (shotty wifi) right around 7 MST (-6/7 hours), so right after the daily server update and my connection wasn’t great. Anyways I made the mistake of claiming my pilgrim soul during this time, and I know I must have gotten the character because I was taken right to the sacrifice portal since that put me at 1 too many chars. So I tossed a W shardborne in the portal and now I had room for my pilgrim. So after that I went to go start auto running whatever LOL dungeon and my connection was bad so I had to close the app and restart it a couple times. After a few restarts with no luck connecting I decided to wait an hour or so, and when I came back I had no pilgrim. But I have 1 less W shardborne and am 1 under my character limit. What gives? Where’d my pilgrim go? I don’t have the soul anymore and I have like 60 pilgrim fragments.