There is an ongoing confusion regarding Permadeath, its variants and their counters. What's bug and what's not. Let’s try to clarify the issue:

  1. Permadeath and/or Perfect Death (i.e., Killer Prime)
  2. Immunity to Permadeath and/or Perfect Death (i.e., Baroness Redan-among other immunities)
  3. Innate Permadeath (i.e., Dark Lilith)
  4. Immunity to Innate Permadeath (I.e., Grim Reaper Eddie, Day of the Dead Eddie, Cosmic Valhalla Maiden, etc or Talismans like BRAVE, ROT)
  5. Avoidance of immunity to Innate Permadeath (a.k.a. Megadeth) :
    • Empowered attacks by Oni Eddie
    • Triggered Doom
    • Baphomet’s Fury (actually doing the kill)
    • Dark Advent Lilith (a.k.a. Dali. Basic move actually doing the kill)
    • Most of the “insta-killers” should avoid immunity to innate permadeath, but their description is vague or inconsistent. There have been reports of Killer’s fury not being able to stop revival of Brave/Rot users.


Dark Lilith (innate permadeath) > Redan (immunity to Permadeath among other immunities)

Grim Reaper Eddie (immunity to innate permadeath) > Dark Lilith (innate permadeath)

Brave or Rot User (immunity to innate permadeath) > Dark Lilith (innate Permadeath)

Baphomet’s fury (avoidance of immunity to innate permadeath) > Rot (immunity to innate Permadeath)


Oni’s fury bug: Only killings by his empowered attacks (and) his fury should apply Megadeth to the Enemy. Instead of this, after he performs his fury, no toon can revive despite who does the killing.

Lazy Azov bug: Her max awakened passive allows to revive toons even after the Megadeth killing, or Doom, or Baphomet’s fury.

Inconsistencies: Most of the “Insta killers” (Daedalus, Killer, Set) should “permanently kill an enemy with their move (basic, power, or fury) but there is not enough information and/consistency about which of them is 100% effective against toons with “immunity to innate permadeath”

BRAVE Bug: Unless you use Oni’s fury (bugged) there is no consistency about killing a Brave wearer. After several tests (performed with Baphomet’s fury or Dali’s basic move) Brave users may:

o Stay dead
o Stay dead but revive their allies
o Revive the wearer
o Revive the wearer and their allies
o Extra bug, the hp1 endurance after dead is also inconsistent/bugged

- Baphomet's fury does apply "Megadeth" to a Brave user, but Brave revives another toon previously killed also by Baphomet's fury.

-Baphomet's fury, in this case, doesn't apply "Megadeth" to the Brave user, Moonchild revives but not her Ally Pregnant Eupatoria (Eduard revives as well, but that's ok)

-In this one is a festival, everyone revives after Baphomet's fury...

Inconsistencies everywhere. Even in dungeons where Brave is part of the enemy team. Maybe Baphomet's fury is bugged and not Brave? I don't think so, the hp1 endure from Brave doesn't work either. But who knows...