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Thread: Video Bugs!

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    Youíre doing good work, Maiden. Itís surprising that a sub-forum entitled ďbug reportsĒ hasnít drawn more official LoTB traffic... it almost sounds like official LoTB traffic IS the target audience.

    Oh well. Youíll get noticed eventually... (at least, I hope you do).

    The Envious bug in particular I think needs to be a high priority if it isnít already. If it is supposed to cleanse everyone every turn, that is not at all clear from the description.
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    Well only 2 news about these bugs in the recent update:

    1-ENVIOUS now will be cleaning only its wearer instead teh whole team.

    2-EMPRESS PREGNANT now will apply Passive Disable before Permadeath.

    Here the updates for September:
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