Just a couple days ago I received a whole bunch Trinket soul fragments, I think I got them in a high sacrifice reward, like an Ultimate sacrifice or a Vortex. It was a few days ago so I canít remember exactly, but Iím pretty sure it was a sacrifice reward. Either way, I was just rewarded Trinket soul fragments 2 times in a row. Like I made a high sacrifice, and then one of the rewards from it was Trinket soul fragments, then I followed it up with another high sacrifice and once again got a bunch of Trinket fragments. Correct me if Iím wrong, but didnít that event already end some time ago? And to make matters even more confusing, when I open up the Book of Souls and look at all the fragments Iím currently in possession of, I have these Trinket fragments sitting at ď2410/500Ē, and even in the Book of Souls, theyíre listed as ďNo Longer AvailableĒ. Why would I be given fragments that come from an event that is already done and over with?

Has anyone else experienced this?