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Thread: Store overhaul

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    Store overhaul

    doubt I'm the first person to think of this but the new system was good but its time for a serious indepth overhaul of the the store I mean back when the game started the store was smaller and meh you didn't need to worry 94about ironite consumption much but now you are 10 quid for 300 ironite this is annoying because it discourges small spenders your 40$ for 1800 ironite last i checked that covers 20 souls for an event like we currently have my point is ill be sending an entire overhaul in a ticket but I want to know anyone else feel the same

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    Completed thoughts usually have periods. Do I deduce correctly that you haven’t completed a thought?

    Why don’t you head over to “suggestions” in the Sub-Forum (if that’s what this is supposed to be), have a think, add some punctuation, work the grammar, you know... and it will be much easier for me (or anyone, for that matter...) to figure out whether they agree with you or not.
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