Ceeg & Team:

Thanks for the update! These SotN posts are great, and I'm glad that they are moving to quarterly in the future.

The art team continues to do an outstanding job - Blackbeard and the Siren look awesome.

Cernunnos is a cool choice for the next raid boss. As fate would have it, he has been quite present in my real life over the past several months - a common occurrence with this game, as I've noted many times previously. I was expecting his release to coincide more closely with Avalon, given the connection there.

I'm really curious to see what direction you'll take with Avalon, and I hope Cernunnos is an indication that the focus will be on old Celtic lore (in line with the song lyrics), rather than on more modern King Arthur focused interpretations. Even though original Celtic and Druid lore is sparse, there is a lot of good (neo-)Druid lore to refer to.

For instance, please consider a character based on Arawn (lord of Annwn), as depicted in the First Branch of the Mabinogion.

Finally, I strongly echo the comments here about the need for more inventory space - character slots and BoS slots especially. It's very frustrating that the existing space becomes a limiting factor so frequently.

Keep up the great work guys!