Damn...if I had all that completed I would have quit a long time ago. I'd hate to see another long term player leave, but it might be good to take an extended break. I've done it twice myself. When I've come back, even without new worlds or content, at least I have a lot of achievements to chase and new toons to acquire. I know, doesn't sound like much fun, but it works for me. I don't play any other mobile game. When I quit prior to Night City I only came back when I got an email announcing it's release. After I beat it, I quit again. I only came back because I wanted something else to do than read about Covid all day. I still have enough to keep me occupied for a while, I think. Maybe not until Avalon...these month long events are giving me a reason to go after the old achievements. Once I get them all I'll be in the same boat as you, Yup; aside from being #1 in arena and gauntlet, but I literally don't care about those aspects of the game enough to want to try.